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Raving Hippy Reviews

  • Nettie

    Restoring Night Cream

    100% of 100

    As soon as I saw A Bit Hippy had a new restoring night cream I just had to try it. It has such a luxurious texture and when I applied it to my skin it wasn't too heavy, it wasn't too light, it was just right. It just disappeared into my skin, but not so I felt I had to put more on. Honestly, it's just beautiful. And so well priced. Thank you ABH from the bottom of my skin layers xo


  • Robyn

    Serene Scalp Shampoo

    100% of 100

    Do Yourself A Favor - Its AWESOME!!
    My daughter has bad psoriasis on her scalp which was permanently inflamed, 'burning', red, flaky and sore. NOTHING worked to reduce the dry, flakey chunks or the burning sensation - regardless of cost - EXCEPT this! Seriously, do yourself a favor - it smells great, is gentle on the scalp and relieves a good percentage of her symptoms. Leaves your hair soft and scalp free of 'stuff' - you only need a small amount tho! Seriously, give it a whirl, you won't regret it!


  • S. Russell

    Natural Cream Deodorant

    100% of 100

    I thought I’d give this deodorant a try as it was reasonably priced and we love the shampoo and conditioner. It has been amazing, subtle fragrance, works very effectively, definitely will be my everyday deodorant from now on. Being natural with no nasties is the beat of all.

    S. Russell

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