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The A bit Hippy Philosophy is Simple.

We create natural products that are effective and we market our products honestly.

What do we mean by 'natural'?  Your hippy goodies are made using ingredients derived from nature. Because they're also Vegan-friendly, those ingredients are plant-based!  As a natural skin care company, we have consciously ditched the suspect chemicals that are often found in commercial skin care products (although we're stoked to see more and more companies starting to ditch them too!).

These include;

  • Synthetic Preservatives such as Phenoxyethanol, Parabens, or Formaldehyde Donors. Instead, we use a natural preservative, made from Hops!  It's a very effective preservative and has been independently tested!
  • Sodium Laureth Sulphate (aka - "SLS") or other harsh cleansers. We choose, instead, to use small amounts of different, gentler cleansers, derived from coconuts and glucose!

  • Paraffin Oil (Mineral Oil) - this is a petroleum-based oil, that is not only bad for your aura, but it can also make skin feel smothered, as it coats a layer of oil over your skin.  Coconut, Sweet Almond and Starflower Oils are among the many natural oils we use instead!

  • Last, but most definitely not least - we only test on fellow hippies, and we shower our animal friends with cuddles, not cosmetics!

We understand that going from commercial skin care to a fully natural and plant-based one might bring some challenges. Don't forget we're always here to answer any questions and help guide you in your journey. Contact our Guru anytime, join our Facebook Community and don’t be a stranger ♥