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  1. Is my Moisturiser better than yours?

    Let’s talk about moisturiser ingredients, baby! The good, the bad, how to choose the right one for your skin type and location.
  2. Check these 8 ingredients are NOT in your Lip Balm!

    What goes on your lips ends up being eaten to some degree. Avoid these 8 ingredients if you're vegan, vegetarian, care about animal cruelty or if you have irritated or sensitive lips.
  3. Night Time Routine

    Beauty sleep is not the only natural remedy for your skin. We've developed a 5-step guide to support your night-time skincare routine ensuring you relax into bed and wake-up looking and feeling good.
  4. 6 Ingredients To Avoid In Gradual Tanning Products

    Before you beeline it to the closest store and lather up; choose wisely, not all fake tans are alike.

    Written by: Hundreds of happy hippy customers who shared their feedback with us.
  6. Why do Hippy Soaps Sweat?

    Some of us here at Hippy HQ recently went on a road trip to visit the ancient wise woman who makes our Hemp Seed Oil and Green Clay Body Bar, it was absolutely amazing as it’s still a very traditional process, so we thought you hippies might be as interested in it as we are!
  7. Soap Hacks

    Small changes can make a big difference! Whether you’re a parent looking to save money on tribe cleaning costs, or you just love being clever, our soap saving tips will rock your bathroom and soothe your wallet.
  8. Adult Blemishes: A Whole Different Game

    We’ve been receiving all sorts of enquiries from our grown-up hippies regarding blemishes and breakouts. Blemishes are pretty well known by most of us. Our general idea is that they hit during puberty, and disappear before graduating school. But SURPRISE!...Keep reading to find some helpful information on how to treat them.
  9. Happy Hippy Skin for Everyone!

    We were talking about our hippy soul mates at Hippy HQ the other day. It’s not an unusual topic around here, but this time it turned to skin care and the fact that some of our hippy men felt a little odd about taking care of their skin!