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  1. 6 Tips On Switching To Aluminium-Free Deodorant

    The transition to natural deodorant can stink... literally. BUT, when you understand the benefits the detox period is well worth working through. Here are our 6 best tips on getting through the switch to aluminium-free deodorant.
  2. Make the switch to aluminium-free deodorant

    A guide on why you should make the switch to an aluminium-free deodorant, the difference between natural deodorant and antiperspirant deodorant, the fact our bodies were designed to sweat, what is BO and how to get rid of it, why is aluminium in deodorant bad? but also the greatest debate of all... does natural deodorant actually work!
  3. Does your blemish cream do this?

    Got pimples? No longer a teenager and wondering why your skin won’t behave? Here you have it, an all-round guide on what to avoid and what to put on your skin if it’s stressed out and blemish-prone – Our Blemish Banning Moisturiser of course! Now, let’s get into the why…
  4. 5 things that will change your mind about toner

    Many people think of toner as an unnecessary option in a skincare routine, but once you understand the real benefit of a mist toner, particularly a hydrating toner, we think you’ll change your mind.
  5. International Women's Day At A Bit Hippy

    As a predominantly female workforce, here at A Bit Hippy International Women's Day is important to us. It's encouraging the opportunity for equality from and for all genders while celebrating iconic moments in history and appreciation for the influential women in our lives today. So, this article will introduce you to all our team members no matter their gender, explain what makes them proud of the women in their lives along with the products they can't live without.
  6. Is my Moisturiser better than yours?

    Let’s talk about moisturiser ingredients, baby! The good, the bad, how to choose the right one for your skin type and location.
  7. Night Time Routine

    Beauty sleep is not the only natural remedy for your skin. We've developed a 5-step guide to support your night-time skincare routine ensuring you relax into bed and wake-up looking and feeling good.
  8. 6 Ingredients To Avoid In Gradual Tanning Products

    Before you beeline it to the closest store and lather up; choose wisely, not all fake tans are alike.

    Written by: Hundreds of happy hippy customers who shared their feedback with us.
  10. Why do Hippy Soaps Sweat?

    Some of us here at Hippy HQ recently went on a road trip to visit the ancient wise woman who makes our Hemp Seed Oil and Green Clay Body Bar, it was absolutely amazing as it’s still a very traditional process, so we thought you hippies might be as interested in it as we are!