Let us start by asking the question; WHY DO YOU USE DEODORANT? If the answer is to prevent smell, read on. If the answer is to stop sweating; PLEASE, lend us a few minutes of your time and read on.  

If your answer was to stop sweating, do this fellow hippy of yours a favour and go grab your bottle of deodorant. Once you’ve got it in hand, scan your eyes until you catch the word ‘ingredients’. Now, we know what you’re thinking as you look over this list….. And no, you’re not the only one to stutter on their pronunciation! There is one particular ingredient in here however that we want you to be aware of and that’s ALUMINIUM.

You'll find Aluminium in most non-natural deodorants and all antiperspirants. Why? It prevents you from sweating. Now, I’m not sure about you; but for us there's nothing worse than the daunting feeling of knowing you’re going to be a sweaty, smelly mess in a non-ideal scenario (e.g. hot date, oral presentation, job interview and so the list goes on….) which is why a number of us jumped on board the antiperspirant train once it came to town. So, what’s the issue? Well, Aluminium works by blocking our pores and sweat glands with little Aluminium salts. The catch? Our bodies are naturally designed to sweat AND whether it’s on Instagram or not- it’s not nice being blocked

Thanks for the info; but aside from telling me that I need to get used to the idea of sweating, which is just going to make me smelly… what’s your point?

Well, that leads us to our next question…. WHAT CAUSES BO? If the first answer that comes to mind is sweat, you can breathe a sigh of relief and say SAYONARA antiperspirants! BO is actually caused by BACTERIA (cue gasps of disbelief). It’s true. Think back to a time someone kindly pointed out your S-U-L-A (sweaty upper lip alert)… could you smell it? No! Because sweat is ODOURLESS.

Sweat only turns into BO once bacteria are involved. Huh? Yup, picture this: You’re having a good old boogie to your favourite Bob Marley tune and your body, to show its enjoyment, produces sweat! All of a sudden, a pack of bacteria find their way to your armpit for a drink only to get stuck, AND since they can’t leave- the cycle of drink-poop begins (delightful imagery… I know!). Before you know it, you’re dancing away to ‘Don’t worry, Be Happy’ with a crowd of bacteria-poop (BO) for everyone to smell! Well, it isn't really poop…But I’m sure you get the idea now!

This is all great information, but I followed this link to find a solution?

Yes, you did and we have one for you. It’s called Milk of Magnesia and a unique combination of essential oils AKA, A Bit Hippy Natural Cream Deodorant. You see, rather than blocking your pores with Aluminium, our formula works to control bacteria that cause bad odour, whilst also providing a gentle scent of Boswellia, Geranium and Rose to ensure that hot date or oral presentation goes to plan!

Changing what you know works can be scary. But trust us, once you’ve converted, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Take the leap, leave the chemicals behind and enter the world of Aluminium-free armpits!

IMPORTANT TIP: BE MINDFUL! After a lifetime of blockage, it might take a fortnight or so for your armpits to completely detoxify and for our Aluminium-free deodorant to start working to its full potential. The first two weeks will be the most challenging, as you might experience a bit of BO. We encourage you to push through so you can finally set your armpits FREE!

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