We’ve been receiving all sorts of enquiries from our grown-up hippies regarding blemishes and breakouts. Blemishes are pretty well known by most of us. Our general idea is that they hit during puberty, and disappear before graduating school. But SURPRISE! We’ve seen a massive rise in questions about adult blemishes, and it can be so tricky to know how to treat them! You’re concerned about fine lines, dry skin and pigmentation, but you’re also still needing to treat blemishes. So, we sat down with our skin care guru Kindred to learn her secrets. Here’s what we learned.

Let’s just start by getting all on the same page. Why do blemishes happen?

Well, our skin is constantly secreting oil and sweat like a normal detoxing function. Blemishes are created when sebum (oil) is blocked in the pore. The blockage is often due to a build-up of dead skin cells. Once blocked, the sebum inside the pore goes rancid and bacteria takes over…. then you look in the mirror and there it is: a new blemish.

Characteristics of adult blemishes

Adult Blemishes have special characteristics as they are often very inflamed deep pimples (as opposed to little bumps or blackheads under the skin) the breakouts are generally around the mouth, chin and jaw areas. We know you are probably nodding as you read these characteristics, we’ve all had that very painful blemish just in the corner of the mouth. Anyway, let’s get to the bottom of this and understand the cause.

Common causes of adult blemishes

Stress and hormones are the biggest contributing factors to blemishes… no wonder it’s on the rise! Stress relief is becoming an integral part of daily life.  Finding some healthy lifestyle hobbies can have a dramatic impact on your health and wellbeing.  There is an old Zen saying ‘you should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour’. If your hormones are possibly out of whack, we suggest seeing your naturopath or health professional for advice.

How to treat adult blemishes

Now that we have become a better understanding of the causes, it’s time to get hands-on and get rid of them. The job to be done is to keep our skin free or any excess oils and dead skin. We recommend the following.

Oil Cleanse

Make the change from your normal cleanser to an Oil Cleanser. They work by using incredible like-attracts-like technology; the cleanser oil is attracted to the surface oil on your skin, it then dissolves the oil and any dirt, makeup and impurities on your skin. It also replaces your skins surface oil with nice anti-oxidant rich oil while keeping your skin perfectly balanced and not-at-all-stripped or dry. Remember: too little oil means your skin starts overproducing sebum and you get oilier skin, plus congestion/clogged pore/general unhappiness. Cleansing oils are hydrophilic, which means they can be washed off and dissolved easily and there's no build up or film left over.

Jojoba Oil Face Cleanser



Exfoliating is a vital part of your skincare routine if clearer skin is your goal. Dual exfoliation (both enzymatic and physical) is great for blemishes. Salicylic acid is the best thing for a deep cleanse, as it is attracted to oil and exfoliates into the pores. Gentle physical exfoliation is also great for preventing impurities and creating an even skin surface, it also stimulates blood flow into the face.

Gentle Micro Exfoliant



It’s important to moisturise your skin regardless of blemishes. Choosing a moisturiser that is packed full of natural anti-bacterial properties and powerful anti-oxidants, will have lots of anti-ageing benefits too. The anti-bacterial components will help prevent excess oils on the skin becoming rancid which can be a cause of blemishes.

Blemish Banning Moisturiser

We really hope this information helps in your journey to fight adult blemishes. Please reach out to us with any more questions or suggestions. We always like an open discussion and more interesting questions for our Skin Care Guru. Peace out.