We were talking about our hippy soul mates at Hippy HQ the other day. It’s not an unusual topic around here, but this time it turned to skin care and the fact that some of our hippy men felt a little odd about taking care of their skin!

Those who did take care of their skin, usually started when they experienced a problem – Sunny’s hippy soul mate gets super dry skin and eczema breakouts every winter. She’s set him up with a healthy skin care routine and his skin is totally glowing at the moment! So we thought we’d share it with you. It’s perfectly suited for all the hippies in your life!

Step 1 - Prep- At the start of any skin care routine, it is always ideal to exfoliate. Exfoliation gets rid of all the dead skin cells (it’s OK, they’re supposed to die) and leaves a fresh canvas to work on. If you’ve used our Gentle Micro Exfoliant, you’ll know it leaves your skin super smooth. If you’re introducing exfoliation to your favourite hippy for the first time, treat them by using your Flake Fairy as a mask and leaving it to dry for 10 or 15 minutes! The longer you leave it on, the longer the Salicylic Acid will work on munching all the nasties from your skin.

Step 2 - Hydrate- Keep your freshly exfoliated hippy nice and hydrated with a few sprays of our Toner- Protects & Hydrates,  This will create a breathable second skin that retains moisture.  

Step 3 - Super Charge- This is where things start to get serious. For deep hydration, use our Rosehip Oil + Vitamin C & Eand let it soak in for a few minutes. Be amazed by Rosehip’s skin healing and anti-ageing properties. Our Vitamin C is oil soluble and is one of the very best antioxidants around. Vitamin E is another excellent antioxidant which helps prevent signs of skin ageing, like fine lines. Even if they pretend not to, your hippy soul mate will love the way their skin feels (and so will you!)

Hot Tip: If your hippy is prone to blemishes, swap out the Rosehip Oil for Tamanu Oil. This luscious green oil will totally knock blemishes out, assist with scar repair and keep skin super hydrated.

Step 4 - Seal - After applying the Rosehip Oil with benefits you will notice the face still has a slight oily feeling – that’s because you’ve applied pure supercharged oils to it! Pop a layer of moisturiser on for a smooth finish. This will seal the oil in the skin and your skin will have its normal texture. Of course, the best moisturiser to use is our Serene Skin Moisturiser!

This routine is easy enough to do daily, or even if your hippy soul mate only wants to do it once a week, they’ll start to see an improvement in the look and feel of their skin.  Beware though, you may find you run out of your favourite hippy skincare a bit sooner if there’s 2 of you using it!

Tell us, do you have hippies in your life who could do with some hippy skincare love in their life?