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Soap Hacks

Small changes can make a big difference! Whether you’re a parent looking to save money on tribe cleaning costs, or you just love being clever, our soap saving tips will rock your bathroom and soothe your wallet. 

At A bit Hippy we’re so lucky to have an awesome hippy community who share their feedback with us, so we can improve. A few months ago, we asked our tribe if they preferred Body Wash or Cleansing Bars, and to let us know why. What happened next left us in awe: an avalanche of comments with super valuable feedback which enlightened our hippy brains. 

Overall there were two main camps among our hippy community.


Our Body Wash Believers argued they couldn’t deal with:
-Sharing soap. Or Germs - they had very strong feelings about this. 
-Watching it “melt” in the shower

They also simply loved the smell and feel of our Cleanser for Sensitive Souls Body Wash.

Our Cleansing Bar Connoisseurs had even more to share about why they loved them so much, including:


-The minimum-waste packaging (cardboard).
-That they are very economical for families (imagine a mini-hippy having a blast squirting Body Wash all over the shower) 
-They could cut it up and divide it among family members. 
-The fact that our Hemp Seed & Green Clay Cleansing Bar made their bathrooms smell amazing. 

Among all the really helpful comments, one in particular caught our attention. Jo told us she puts her soap in a cotton bag, which kept it together and it was easy to just hang it up and let it dry. We thought “WOW! That’s the best idea ever! We have to make our own bag and share it with all our tribe.” 

So here we are now, a couple months later with an amazing Soap Saver Bag and some soap saving instructions for those of you who are all about our Cleansing Bars. This will work for any soap you like, but we recommend you try ours, since it comes so highly recommended by our Cleansing Bar Connoisseurs!

1.- Cut your Cleansing Bar into halves or thirds. You can then distribute each part with family members or save it for later. 

Step 1

2.- Pop a portion into your Soap Saver Bag and close the drawstring.

Soap in Bag

3.- Thoroughly wet the bag, rubbing it with both hands to create some foam. 


4.- Enjoy your shower – we recommend singing your heart out, for maximum enjoyment. 

5.- Rinse and hang your Soap Saver Bag to dry, cleverly saying goodbye to soap stains and residue. 

Bag Drying

6.- Feel clever, very, very clever knowing you’re saving some dollars and you’ve hacked shower time with style!