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8 Tips To Keep The Planet (And Your Skin) Clean And Happy This Earth Day!

8 Tips To Keep The Planet (And Your Skin) Clean And Happy This Earth Day!

1. Jumping on the plant trend for your décor does wonders for your mental wellbeing, but take that trend to your skin and glow like the sunflower you are.

Plant-based skin care.

Plants can work wonders for our skin, and it’s a growing trend in skincare. We are continually reading research about the scientific studies of plant-based ingredients for restoring and nourishing your skin, it’s been our jam all along... you can find out about our ingredient philosophy on the About Us page.

Plants for your spaces.

By now we all know that plants can be great to have around us for our mental wellbeing not to mention the oxygen they release for us. Every earth day someone says plant a tree or get a plant, but usually when the everyday person goes to buy a plant it comes in a plastic pot that we rarely re-use. So what can you do? If you are going to buy a plant, get an aloe vera plant, you can use it in our 8th tip for a DIY face mask. Also… reuse that pot to plant seedlings and grow more plants Take a cutting from a friend's plant and grow a new one, there are lots of helpful articles online to help you succeed in this for different plant species.

2. Watch out for microplastics, they hide behind big names barely anyone can pronounce accurately and aren’t good for your skin or the Earth.

Micro-beads were a big deal a while ago and are now banned from skincare, you used to be able to find them in some commercial exfoliants and various other products and they don’t break down so they make their way from being washed off your face into our waterways impacting plant and animal life.

BUT, there are other types of plastics that can be found in skincare and cosmetic products - we were shocked to find out how prevalent micro-plastics are still in the industry today.

You can find a definitive list of ingredients proven to contain plastic here. You’ll notice none of these ingredients feature in any of our products and never will.

3. Switch up your diet.. Didn’t your grandma ever tell you, ‘you are what you eat’? Don’t be fast, greasy or boring and your skin will thank you too!

Save some of earth creatures and ditch pre-packaged foods by trying some yummy vegan recipes for the day or for more of a lifestyle change.

It’s commonly known that we generally eat too much meat, make a promise to yourself to reduce meat consumption to a healthy level and seek a variety of local and in season foods. A healthy variety of fruits and vegetables is great for your second brain (the gut) which can support how your body manages stress as well as nourishing your skin. Ever binge on junk food or have a big night out and feel like you lost your glow… that’s cause your skin (and your stomach) ain’t happy with what you put in.

Veganism is more than just food, take a look and see what products you use that are derived from animal/animal byproducts, or are tested on animals (tip if you use skincare that is also for sale in China they have to be tested on animals for compliance in that country) Our Earth needs its animals, naturally. So we don’t use any ingredients derived from anything animal or test on animals for any of our products and never will.

4. Detox your life from things that do not serve you or your skin. P.S They’re probably not serving the Earth either!

Take some time to get interested in the ingredients of products you’re using that can impact your skin, body, mind and the planet… dispose of anything with toxins carefully and focus on non-toxic skincare and household cleaning products from now on. Because what you use on your skin, hair, in your laundry or your dishes all have to go somewhere afterwards!

P.S all of our ingredients are grey water safe.

Have you ever fallen prey to fashion giants and over consumed on things you never wear? When things pile up in your closet they can also be clouding your mind? Donate to charity so they can be used again and when you choose to consume fashion, choose fabrics that are natural they’re better for your skin and for the environment.

This process will not only be a mental release for you, now that your life is a little more minimalistic and less-cluttered but you’ll be making someone else happy who may really need what you don’t want anymore - plus you’re making sure it doesn’t end up landfill without being used thoroughly.

5. Make a conscious choice to be more mindful with disposal & repurposing.

Did you know that there is not a single cosmetic pump in the world that gets recycled? Unfortunately product packaging hasn’t been able to keep up and our recycling processes makes it too expensive to recycle complex items like this. So, if you leave pumps on recyclable bottles, they most likely won’t get recycled. So make sure you take off the pump when recycling any bottles.

Don’t just throw out things because they’re ‘not sustainable’ to replace them with new shiny cool reusable things. Keep using them until they’re ready to recycle, then replace with the beautiful reusables you desire.

What’s a fun way to reuse our plastic bottles instead of buying something else? Take the label off and use the bottle as a vase or cut the top off and use it as a plant pot... you can even get creative with decorating the bottle!

6. Seek more sustainable solutions with knowledge and realism... the best option for you and for businesses may be different than you think. And, sometimes it’s still very impactful to start small.

We’re not so hippy that we are going to tell you to stop buying everything, let’s be realistic we live in a world of needs and convenience. But just throwing out everything to start a new sustainable life isn’t, well, sustainable!

Reusable packaging for everything and making everything yourself from local ingredients would be the ultimate sustainable goal. BUT it’s also a little unrealistic for all of us, considering our busy and fast paced lives... how many times did you buy a shopping bag at Woolies, creating a bag of bags until you finally started to remember to take your reusable grocery bags? Or grab takeaway because you’re late from work and hungry...

We admit, much of our product comes in plastic packaging and we totally advocate for reducing plastic waste.

Leading into Earth Day you’ll see a lot of talk of ‘plastic-free’. But in some industries or for some products, there is just no solution more suitable than plastic. This is where it comes to measuring the emissions and energy impacts of the manufacturing process through to shipping and then locally how products are sorted and disposed or recycled. There really is a lot to come to terms with. Currently we use 30% recycled materials to make a fair chunk of our packaging, yes most of it is plastic and a few things come in aluminium tins. And of course we are taking steps to improve the sustainability of packaging, but we are very conscious of our carbon footprint over a 100% plastic-free marketing claim… so let's explore the two other options for the skincare industry.

Aluminium: takes a lot of energy to mine out of the earth and turn into packaging. Bottles take a lot of aluminium and damage very easily, and aluminium tubes end up so small it’s most likely they get discarded by our countries recycling sorting process.

Glass: is heavy, so while it’s technically recyclable it costs more to ship in $ as well as carbon emissions and it can break in transit increasing wastage costs and carbon emissions for replacement orders - plus broken glass doesn't get recycled and can contaminate other recyclable materials in your yellow top bin. There are new developments in plastic types, like lower footprint sugarcane plastic, and bottle labels made from ground stones. So we will be bringing out some awesome new packaging later this year as a step towards greater sustainability, but some products will have to stay in some type of plastic as it’s technically the best option, for now anyway, until our countries recycling capabilities and manufacturing techniques evolve - something we are working on to support too (more news soon)!

So what does all this mean for you right now…. Seek re-usable options for the things you use most frequently because they could have the greatest impact. Starting with things like water bottles, coffee cups, toilet paper… We use these things daily and many of the readily available options are not recyclable or come wrapped in plastic which is unnecessary. Even bio cups are covered in a type of plastic that is only commercially compostable, not home compostable, so it has to go in the bin, not the recycling unless you have a commercial composting facility close by.

7. Support local, less postage and you’ll be building up your community.

Farmers markets, locally owned and made products, local independent coffee shops, restaurants and grocers.

Eating food in season provides a greater variety for your microbiome, and a healthy gut means healthy body, mind and skin! So that makes shopping local even more attractive!

By doing this we are not only supporting our local community and the Australian economy, but we are reducing carbon emissions through our choices.

We are proud to be owned by a Gold Coast local who supports small Australian Family businesses to manufacture products in Australia.

8. Last, but the most skin-gratifying… get into some DIY plant-based skincare and make your own hydrating facial.

There is no better way to learn about skin care than to make it yourself - that’s how A Bit Hippy started in the beginning! If you’re feeling like you need a little pamper session but don’t want to splurge on an expensive mask that you might not use all of. Make your own with ingredients you have at home.

Just mix it altogether and pop it on for 10-20 minutes.

DIY Hydrating Face Mask Recipe

  • 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera juice (squeezed from your plant, from a tube of natural Aloe Vera gel or Aloe Vera juice if you keep that in your fridge)
  • ½ small cucumber (squeeze the juice into the bowl, or grate it and throw in the whole thing)
  • 1 teaspoon natural, plain Yoghurt (coconut or any vegan yoghurt of your choice as long as its natural and unsweetened)

We hope you enjoyed our skincare focused tips for Earth Day celebrations.

This really only just scratches the surface, there is so much more you can do to celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd and everyday - What will you be doing?

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