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Make The Switch To Aluminium-Free Deodorant

Make The Switch To Aluminium-Free Deodorant

Toxins are the Pits! That much we know, but that doesn't mean that's where they belong. We encourage everyone to do whatever makes them happy, but this is our gentle nudge, our deodor-rant if you will, on why we think you should want to make the natural switch. Not all deodorant is created equal and there's a lot of confusion around the word itself (sometimes even spelling it). So, let us clear a few things up. First of all: Deo-dor-ant. Okay now that the big stuff is out of the way lets dive in.

Deodorants vs. Antiperspirants

When it comes to deodorants there are a lot of different kinds. Some good, some bad, and some just plain smelly. They can either be of the antiperspirant nature, which, just as the name implies, stops you from sweating, or how the queen would say, perspiring. Ergo, (anti-perspiration). On the other hand (well armpit), there are deodorants that just kill the bacteria that causes the offensive odour rather than targeting the actual sweat. As the name suggests, they de-odour-ise. Natural deodorants are not antiperspirants because they don't contain sweat gland clogging, aluminium-based ingredients. Don't get us wrong, we love aluminium, that amazing malleable metal that's great for so many things like roofs and soda cans, but our bloodstream is where we draw the line.

We were made to sweat.

Ok, so if you've been using anti-perspirant all your life you may not like the feeling of sweating at first. BUT, perspiration is your natural plumbing system that helps rid our bodies of toxins and other bodily nonsense no one wants. Knowing that our bodies have this process in place really gets us going. We're so grateful to have little glands working hard at undoing all the damage we did over the weekend and wouldn't trade them for the world. We have, however, never been a fan of the *uhhmm* smell that comes with this magical little process, and that's something we would happily part with. And just so you know, sweat doesn't need to stink!

The down-low on BO.

In actuality, sweat is odourless, colourless and even sterile. Our sweat, is always getting a bad rap. Yes, seriously, that means those yellow stains on your beloved white t-shirts aren't from your sweat; that's the result of a chemical reaction. What causes BO are the bacteria that treat our sweat like a buffet breakfast. Bit of a disturbing thought, right? Removing sweat all together to get rid of any smell sounds like a great idea, because no food for bacteria = no bacteria, which = no smell. Sounds great right? Afraid not. Here's why: because the problem isn't the sweat, it's the bacteria... And getting rid of sweat all together? We think that's a big problem indeed.

Why is aluminium not so great?

First of all, great question, we'll tell you why. Simply put, aluminium works by plugging up your sweat pores like a cork in a wine bottle and doing that with antiperspirants can prevent toxins from escaping the body. No Bueno! These trapped toxins can clog the lymph nodes around the armpit, which as you can imagine, is not good one pit (whoops, *bit). Secondly, aluminium can get absorbed through the thin skin of the armpit and make its way into the bloodstream (*spits tea*). Not only that, but according to the National Cancer Institute, several scientists are concerned about the link between antiperspirants and breast cancer given the proximity of the arm pits to the chest region (Google antiperspirants and breast cancer). This makes us feel A LOT more comfortable sticking to something natural.

But do natural deodorants work?

You can get the same odour protection from a natural deodorant as you would from any antiperspirant. But the effectiveness of a deodorant depends on how well it controls your smelliness because as you now know, they won't stop you from sweating. Without the use of aluminium or toxins, our natural deodorants make it possible to share an elevator with someone without blocking your sweat glands with aluminium or burning your underarms with BiCarb – how lovely. Some would even go as far as saying they make you smell good.

We create our deodorants with a unique alkaline formula to control odour-causing bacteria from throwing a (pit-ty) party. It's made with a base of Milk of Magnesia, it's free of synthetic preservatives we don't like such as Parabens and Phenoxyethanol, and has a light, fresh scent. A lot of other brands tend to use essential oils to disguise odour; we're just not that into smelling like a gift shop, but our subtle blend of low irritant essential oils will have your pits smelling fine and irritation-free.

What deodorant will YOU choose?

So, while antiperspirants stop you from sweating (a natural process we prefer not to mess with), natural deodorants do not. And we at A Bit Hippy are not anti-perspiration, we're pro-perspiration! We love your armpits just the way they are and think they do a tip-top job detoxifying your body – that's when they aren't RUDELY interrupted by pore blocking products. You may feel a little more moisture under your arms, but your sweat glands will be much happier for going aluminium-free. So, why don't you do a 2-week Challenge?! Try replacing your everyday antiperspirant with our Patchouli Deodorant or Bergamot Deodorant  for 2 weeks and let us know how you go!

For more helpful tips and tricks in making the natural switch head over to our blog post, 6 Tips On Switching To Aluminium-Free Deodorant.

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