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Body Loving Pack

Our Body Loving Packs will take care of your holy body and your wallet.

Have you been browsing around our whole website trying to decide which products to buy first? Great news! You’ve just landed on the perfect pack to fulfil all your skin’s needs. Clever hippies LOVE packs because they help SAVE time and money, with an added bonus of FREE Shipping!


Cleanser for Sensitive Souls 500ml is an all-rounder cleanser which is great for the body and gentle enough to be used on the face, so no need to purchase different products!

Our super addictive Exfoliating Bar- with Pink Clay & Pumice will give your body some rough love to help it get over ingrown hairs and dead skin cells without creating a mess in the shower!


Environmental pollution has become a big concern for our skin’s health. Our Mist Toner - Protects and Hydrates by creating a skin protectant film that acts as a breathable second skin which retains moisture and blocks environmental pollutants.

Radiation Reflector - Natural Vegan Sunscreen is zinc based and creates a physical barrier between your skin and the damaging UV rays. This means the sun’s rays don’t actually reach your skin but get reflected by the zinc.


Serene Skin Moisturiser is our everyday use, all-over moisturiser. We’ve picked some really healthy, moisturising oils that work to keep the skin nourished and hydrated. We also made sure these oils are soothing for irritable, sensitive skin.

Hippies love diversity. We’ve created an Advanced Natural Toothpaste with Mint & Lime which features an alternative to Fluoride Toothpastes. We want to give you an exciting new option if you’re not a Fluoride fan.

Be Hippy

Allow your armpits to be free! Abstain from blocking your pores with Aluminium by using our Natural Cream Deodorant. We’ve created a formula that uses Magnesium and an Essential Oil blend to keep the odour-causing bacteria at bay. Not convinced? Read the product’s reviews here!

Are you aware of all the highly irritating and unpronounceable ingredients found in Perfumes? Following our hippy philosophy, we’ve created a natural, healthy alternative in our Aroma Balm; which is a fragrant butter made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices.

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