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  1. No Mozzies Zone 200ml

    No Mozzies Zone 200ml


    We’re all about love, especially when it comes to animals. No Mozzies Zone is a potent natural elixir that will keep them away without harming them. This is a very light, natural oil moisturiser with an essential oil blend that mozzies are not keen on. This is the kind way to keep mozzies away! Learn More
  2. Magnesium Moisturiser 120g

    Magnesium Moisturiser 120g


    Just a couple of months ago our Guru was having issues sleeping, was crankier than ever and was complaining about sore muscles. We thought it was an age thing, after all he is over 140 years old (apparently…although records were sketchy back then). The tribe was worried and after much research we came to the conclusion he needed a very strong but non stingy magnesium moisturising cream. Do you know someone similar to our Guru? Do your research, check all the ingredients and come back to us. We use beautiful natural moisturising and soothing ingredients to keep the skin supple and healthy, whist being full of essential magnesium. Learn More
  3. Cream for Eczema & Psoriasis 120g

    Cream for Eczema & Psoriasis 120g


    One moment everything is cool, then before you know it, your skin develops a rash. We stare at the rash. "Why are you doing this to me now skin?" Our cream is for the symptomatic relief of mild Eczema and Psoriasis. We’ve mixed together extracts from Liquorice Root, Centella Asiatica and Chamomile to help calm the skin.  We blend these with soothing oils such as Borage Oil and raw Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera and Olive Squalene for added hydration and nourishment. Skin problems are very common, especially in mini hippies because their little immune systems are still learning what's good and what's not. We encourage all people suffering from Eczema to do their research on all the potential triggers and be observant. It can be frustrating, but with careful management often controlled.  

    Learn More
  4. Blemish Banning Moisturiser 100g

    Blemish Banning Moisturiser 100g


    Take control of your breakouts without the use of harsh chemicals. We’ve combined soothing Grapeseed, Apricot and Starflower Oil to help clear your skin and prevent further breakouts. Allantoin and Natural Vitamin E help to soothe and repair misbehaving skin. Allantoin is an awesome skin protectant and helps to reduce the signs of blemishes.

    We have added soothing Aloe Vera to topically calm and revive aggrivated skin, along with Japanese Knotweed to improve circulation and help replenish tired skin. We are proud to use all natural, plant-based, vegan ingredients so you can have clear skin for now and glowing skin for later.

    Learn More
  5. Tamanu Oil 25ml

    Tamanu Oil 25ml


    Soothe your soul from the outside in with our latest hippy must have. This Luscious green oil is extracted from the nuts of the Tamanu Fruit. Learn More
  6. Rosehip Oil + Vitamin C & E 25ml

    Rosehip Oil + Vitamin C & E 25ml


    Rosehip Oil + Vitamin C & E is one of the best oils out there so more and more people are discovering this little gem {that’s why it’s taken us a little while to source a high quality, organic supply!}. Rosehip is loaded with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins which help promote healthy, youthful skin. We've supercharged our Rosehip Oil by mixing it with extra vitamins including oil soluble Vitamin C and natural Vitamin E so it essentially becomes Rosehip with Benefits. :) Learn More
  7. Anti-Ageing Moisturiser 100g

    Anti-Ageing Moisturiser 100g


    We all know you can’t airbrush in real life and we are all for ageing gracefully, so we’ve bottled some powerful antioxidants to ensure you’ll never have to look your age! Hippies & science can sometimes make beautiful soulmates. Some of the biggest factors of skin ageing are oxidisation, dryness and too much sun. We've made Anti-Ageing Moisturiser to keep you looking as young as you feel. We’ve used antioxidant extracts of Liquorice Root and Resveratrol, as well as lots of healthy vitamins and soothing oils, like Olive Squalene, Borage Oil and Vitamin C to help prevent dryness as well as soothe sun-damaged skin. Learn More

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