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Essentials Pack 2.0

This pack contains all the Hippy Essentials to become part of the tribe, commencing your journey to natural skincare, the vegan way and with a huge bundled saving!

1. Cleanser for Sensitive Souls 500mL Be Gentle With Your Temple

Be genlte with your temple, it is the one afteral it is the one and only bosy you'll have in this lifetime! So use a body wash that is gentle enough for your face as well! Splash on, lather up and bliss out knowing it's cruelty free. Follow with your lightweight, vegan moisturiser. 

2. Serene Skin Moisturiser 450g

Soothe your skin with this natural moisturiser, packed with plant-based oils and botanicals - you'll feel and smell like a dream from top to toe. Now packaged in a aluminium tin, you can remove the label and re-use for storage.

3 & 4. Serene Scalp Shampoo & Conditioner 500mL

Your hippy Shampoo and Conditioner will keep your locks gorgeous and your scalp happy. So whether you wash your hair everyday or once in a while, without any harsh chemicals it will do you right.

5. Natural Deodorant 60mL 

Be kind to your pits! Don't block them up with aluminium-based antiperspirants. Instead, wear a natural deodorant that doesn't stop you from sweating as nature intended - but will take care of the bad odour by taming that bacteria!

6. Lip Balm - Pineapple & Ginger 

Keep those lips on fleek and well moisturised, ready to kiss anytime! Apply your vegan lip balm as often as you feel, this flavour will have you wanting to spread the love.

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