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  1. Dry Shampoo 50g

    Dry Shampoo 50g


    When developing this product, we couldn’t help but think: What bloody took us this long? Dry Shampoo is the hippiest product out there, right?! Anyway, it’s finally here and we’ve made sure the wait was worth your while. Learn More
  2. Toner- Protects & Hydrates 100ml

    Toner- Protects & Hydrates 100ml


    If a city hippy spent just a few days up here with us in the nature they will notice their skin would look and feel better. Why? Because urban environments have lots of airborne particulates from pollution, air conditioning and heat; so we have created something to protect our urban hippies!

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  3. Jojoba Oil Face Cleanser

    Jojoba Oil Face Cleanser


    Apply the ‘like attracts like’ law of attraction philosophy here! Our nourishing oil cleanser offers a deep enriching cleanse like no other by binding with and dissolving surface oils, make up and impurities on your skin. Jojoba Oil is known to soothe, moisturise and repair skin which is why we use this very precious and costly oil as the base for our cleanser. Oil is not the enemy.

    Another tip.. It’s called Hohoba Oil as in Spanish for José. (Just so all our customers sound cultured.)

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  4. 250ml

    Cleanser for Sensitive Souls


    Ever wondered why there are special washes for the face and others for the body? Why should your face get all of the love? We love our Cleanser for Sensitive Souls wash so much that we thought it was criminal to wash our bodies in anything else! It contains absolutely no chemicals including SLS and it's gentle enough for minnie hippies too! We've combined coconut and glucose based cleansers to keep your skin fresh and healthy. We've added essential oils so you'll be smelling just a bit hippy!

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  5. 250

    Serene Scalp Conditioner


    Almost all hair conditioners use Silicones to coat your hair in something slippery. You will see these ingredients ending in ‘cone’ on the label, but not on ours. We say No to silicone!

    Did you know that silicone can irritate the scalp and cause itching and Dandruff! Instead of silicone, we have chosen to use Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil to condition the hair, and keep your scalp healthy and nourished. Jojoba Oil also helps to detangle hippy hair so it’s perfect for mini hippies too.

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  6. Serene Scalp Shampoo

    Serene Scalp Shampoo


    Hey now, don't let dandruff or an itchy scalp get your spirit down. Our Shampoo is here to help. It's got some really healthy, natural ingredients which will help soothe and get your scalp back into a healthy condition all the while cleansing your hair at the same time. No detergents, no silicones and no chemicals, promise. Instead, we've used natural, silicone-free cleansers to help keep your hair clean and your scalp healthy.

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  7. Gentle Micro Exfoliant 75g

    Gentle Micro Exfoliant 75g


    We all know that the ground work is the most important, right? Sometimes we need to surrender, and smooth things over before embarking on the next step. Gentle Micro Exfoliant is a fine powder designed for daily use on all skin types (including the very sensitive) Buffing away impurities day by day, in order to start every morning with a ‘fresh canvas’ and letting go.. of all the negative, dulling dead skin cells.

    We’ve put our heads, and our ingredients together and came up with our Gentle Micro Exfoliant! Here’s why we’ve used what we’ve used. Marshmallow root for its soothing properties, clay to draw out impurities and mop up excess oils, rice bran for the gentle physical exfoliating capabilities, BHA for its magical super powers of gentle exfoliation and essential oils to nourish the skin, freshen up the smell, and last but not least.. to mask the scent of rice bran (let’s be real!)

    Learn More
  8. Cleansing Bar - Hemp Seed & Green Clay 115g

    Cleansing Bar - Hemp Seed & Green Clay 115g


    You'll love our Hemp Seed Cleansing Bar. We know that we do! Most Cleansing bars are blocks of solid detergent and can dry out and irritate your skin. We use natural oils instead. Hemp Seed Oil is the star of the show here and helps to sooth and hydrated misbehaving skin. We've added green clay to draw out impurities and detox your skin with scents of Rosewood and Patchouli. If you don't already smell a bit hippy, you soon will! Learn More
  9. Serene Skin Moisturiser 200g

    Serene Skin Moisturiser 200g


    Even though we're A bit Hippy we still like to keep our skin moisturised and healthy. What we don't like is lathering on petroleum oil and silicone based moisturisers which leave the skin slippery and oily so it feels 'moisturised.' Na-ah. So we made our own soothing & repairing Moisturiser using some super healthy, natural moisturising oils and antioxidants to nourish and soothe the skin. And boy do we ♡ it!

    Learn More
  10. Natural Cream Deodorant 60ml

    Natural Cream Deodorant 60ml


    You wanna know what stinks? The fact that there are so many Aluminium deodorants around! With growing evidence being collected to support being aluminium-free, we're happy to take our chances and jump on board! Our natural Mineral Cream Deodorant takes a new approach using Citrus Oil, Rosewood Oils and Hops Extract. We've also mixed in some mineral magnesium with water to form a cream which controls odour causing bacteria. Unlike aluminium, we need magnesium in our bodies. Then we use some food grade gums to help it all stick together.

    That's why we've made our own aluminium-free, natural deodorant. It allows you to naturally perspire but still controls the bacteria responsible for bad odour, so you can keep your friends whilst still respecting your body!

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