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  1. Exfoliating Bar- Pink Clay & Pumice 115g

    Exfoliating Bar- Pink Clay & Pumice 115g


    Our Pink Clay and Pumice- Exfoliating Bar is about to redefine shower time! Delivering a great experience by using only the BEST ingredients, it will take you into a journey to uncover and rediscover your skin. Learn More
  2. Natural Bubble Bath 500ml

    Natural Bubble Bath 500ml


    Every parent knows that it can be much easier to get a reluctant child into the bath if there is a soft cloud of bubbles on top, because what minnie hippy doesn't love a bubble bath? The problem with most bubble baths is that they use Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) which makes the biggest bubbles but is cheap and very drying on the skin. We use natural glucose and coconut based cleansers instead, so it won't dry them out. We've added Rice Bran Oil as well for extra hydration. 

    Learn More
  3. Light

    Natural Cover Cream


    We are all for making life a little bit easier. Our Natural Cover Cream will become your number one time saver. We've gone silicone-free to ensure that there is nothing fake about our tinted cream or your selfies.

    We’ve stirred natural mineral foundation with blemish fighting extracts such as Magnolia Bark and Nigella Sativa, to keep your skin looking vibrant and clear. So there’s no need to hide thanks to Natural Cover Cream. Our natural ingredients won't clog your pores. We think Silicone should only be used on bike chains!

    Available in light & medium shades Learn More
  4. Aroma Balm

    Aroma Balm


    Out of stock

    Perfume descriptions are always so fancy, we thought our Aroma Balm deserved a bit of sophistication, we came up with this: A fragrant butter made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices to give a Hippy smell to one’s body.

    What really makes our Aroma Balm special is what’s actually NOT in it. We’ve ditched all the unpronounceable chemicals like Diethyl Phthalate and kept only the vegan goodness to create an uplifting and refreshing smell.

    Learn More
  5. pink

    Soap Saver Bag


    Get ready for your soap life to change (for good). If you’re a soap lover like us, our Soap Saver Bags will become your most loved shower hack. Learn More
  6. Natural & Vegan Lip Balms

    Natural & Vegan Lip Balms


    What’s your flavour? Pomegranate, pinapple, coconut? Introducing our all natural, plant-based, vegan lip balms. We’ve created three amazing hippy lippy sticks to tint, sooth and protect your lips. We've added Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Almond Oil help to hydrate, nourish and moisturise dry lips. Learn More

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