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  • Sam

    Hi! My name's Sam, I'm an Animal loving, Vegan Yogi/Yoga Teacher living in Queensland Australia. My life revolves around Yoga, Food and Animals. I'm a sucker for Banana Nice Cream and Acai Bowls. I love being out in nature whether the it be at the beach, bush walking or even just relaxing in my yard connecting my bare feet to the earth. And of course I love natural Vegan friendly products, which is why i love A Bit Hippy!

  • Chantelle-Ann

    Hi, I’m Chantelle! I’m a passionate nutritionist, food blogger, traveller and active living advocate. I love sharing my adventures in the kitchen and around the world as well as nutritional tips to help you live and be your healthiest and happiest self.

  • Donna Masing

    Hey! I'm Donna Masing and I'm your ocean loving surfer girl. I love traveling the world in search of that perfect wave, big vegan cook ups with friends and getting to work with the worlds' best surfers (check out my clinic Global Performance Therapy on instagram!). I love getting all dolled up and taking care of my skin, but I won't compromise when it comes to testing on animals or protecting our oceans.

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With no surprise, Sustainable Packaging has become one of the most frequently asked topics. We hear you, and we’ve put hours and hours into research to fully understand the challenge and how we can approach it better. Keep reading to understand the challenge we're facing. 

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Small changes can make a big difference! Whether you’re a parent looking to save money on tribe cleaning costs, or you just love being clever, our soap saving tips will rock your bathroom and soothe your wallet. 

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We’ve been receiving all sorts of enquiries from our grown-up hippies regarding blemishes and breakouts. Blemishes are pretty well known by most of us. Our general idea is that they hit during puberty, and disappear before graduating school. But SURPRISE!...Keep reading to find some helpful information on how to treat them. 

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Sweaty Soap For Life

Heya Hippy!

Some of us here at Hippy HQ recently went on a road trip to visit the ancient wise woman who makes our Hemp Seed Oil and Green Clay Body Bar, it was absolutely amazing as it’s still a very traditional process, so we thought you hippies might be as interested in it as we are!

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A bit Hippy - Skin Care for Everyone

We were talking about our hippy soul mates at Hippy HQ the other day. It’s not an unusual topic around here, but this time it turned to skin care and the fact that some of our hippy men felt a little odd about taking care of their skin!

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Hack Your Hippy Glow

Skin Care isn't rocket science - but there's definitely some science to the art of glowing, gorgeous skin.  The Tribe at Hippy HQ got together to share our best hippy skin care hacks - so we could share them with you. Here's our Top 5!

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A bit Hippy Pollutant Protecting Dew

Hold on to your mung beans tribe, we're about to throw down some gratitude! 

We live in a glorious part of the world. Northern NSW and the Gold Coast, Australia. Wherever we wander we encounter Sunshine, Sea, Fresh Air and Rainbows. Even when it rains it's pretty.

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Dry Skin vs Dehydrated Skin

Heya Hippies! Here at Hippy HQ, we’re lucky to have lots of smart, clever hippies in the tribe. Sunny can speak 3 languages, and makes the most delicious, hot & spicy food we’ve ever eaten! Kindred, on the other hand, is our skin care guru – and the other day she totally blew our minds, with this simple fact!

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Your Guide To Glowing Hippy Skin - A bit Hippy Skin Care

Heya Hippy, your aura is looking lovely today!

Whether you're new to the world of healthy, hippy skin care, or you've been around for a while, an easy reference guide to the range can only help, right?  Before we begin, let's get a little deep and philosophical though - what is A bit Hippy all about?

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We were sooooo lucky to gain an awesome intern over the past two weeks at Hippy Headquarters! Meet Hippy babe Nicky. She hails from Radelaide, and is a future Media graduate from Adelaide University.  She's spent the last two weeks spreading her happy hippy vibes, along with her media skills around the office. Thanks girl! You were complete bliss to have around!

For a bit of fun, she's whipped up a blog post about her time with us! Enjoy ~ Angel xo

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