Dry Skin vs Dehydrated Skin

Heya Hippies! Here at Hippy HQ, we’re lucky to have lots of smart, clever hippies in the tribe. Sunny can speak 3 languages, and makes the most delicious, hot & spicy food we’ve ever eaten! Kindred, on the other hand, is our skin care guru – and the other day she totally blew our minds, with this simple fact!

There is a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin!

If you have dry skin, it means you don’t have enough oils being created by, or added to your skin.  If your skin is dehydrated, it simply means your skin doesn’t have enough water. It’s totally possible to have enough oil in your skin, and for it to be dehydrated.

How can you tell if your skin is dehydrated? After Kindred dropped this bombshell we frantically searched google for ways to check if our skin was dehydrated. It suggested pinching the skin on our cheeks, and if this caused fine lines it meant our skin was dehydrated. A few sore cheeks later, the tribe has spoken. This method isn’t great. Most skin will have some lines if you pucker it together. 

Sunny A bit Hippy Skincare

 So, we bribed Kindred with a turmeric soy latte and quizzed her about the cause of dehydrated skin instead. Because we’re trying to be trendy, we’ve turned it into a quiz which you can use to establish if your skin is dehydrated too!


Take the Quiz!

 Does your skin feel itchy and tight?


Although itchy skin can be a symptom of other conditions (such as Eczema, rashes etc), it’s also a pretty clear indication that your skin is dehydrated. If you answered ‘Yes’ or ‘Sometimes’ to this question, chances are your skin might be dehydrated.

 How many hours per day do you spend in air-conditioning?

                          Up to 3 Hours
                          3+ Hours

Air conditioning is believed to dehydrate as well as dry out your skin, so if you're spending more than a couple of hours a day in it, your skin might need rehydrating! Some of the hippies at HQ use diffusers with essential oils to help counter it. We're not sure if it works, but it makes HQ smell divine! 

 Are you drinking your 8+ glasses of water per day?


We’re not going to lecture you about drinking more water (we all know by now what we’re supposed to be doing!) but if you’re not hydrating yourself, it makes sense that your skin won’t be hydrated either!

So, if you think your skin might be dehydrated, what can you do about it? In addition to avoiding air conditioning wherever humanly possible, and upping your water intake, you can try out our Pollutant Protecting Dew.  It's a facial mist with Biosaccharide Gum.  This ingredient is a plant based gum that helps to bind moisture to your skin - in other words, helps your skin keep the hydration it already has!