Heya Hippy, your aura is looking lovely today!

Whether you're new to the world of healthy, hippy skin care, or you've been around for a while, an easy reference guide to the basics can only help, right?  Before we begin, let's get a little deep and philosophical though - what is A bit Hippy all about?

Our philosophy is simple - we create natural products that are effective, and we market our products honestly.

A bit Hippy Guide to Glowing Hippy Skin

What do we mean by 'natural'?  Your hippy goodies are made using ingredients derived from nature. Because they're also Vegan-friendly, those ingredients are plant-based!  As a natural skin care company, we have consciously ditched the suspect chemicals that are often found in commercial skin care products (although we're stoked to see more and more companies starting to ditch them too!). These include;

  • Synthetic Preservatives such as Phenoxyethanol, Parabens, or Formaldehyde Donors. Instead, we use a natural preservative, made from Hops!  It's a very effective preservative and has been independently tested!
  • Sodium Laureth Sulphate (aka - "SLS") or other harsh cleansers. We choose, instead, to use small amounts of different, gentler cleansers, derived from coconuts and glucose!
  • Paraffin Oil (Mineral Oil) - this is a petroleum-based oil, that is not only bad for your aura, it can make skin feel smothered, as it coats a layer of oil over your skin.  Coconut, Sweet Almond and Starflower Oils are among the many natural oils we use instead!
  • Last, but most definitely not least - we only test on fellow hippies, and we shower our animal friends with cuddles, not cosmetics!

Your Guide To Glowing Hippy Skin - A bit Hippy Skin Care

Here's A bit Hippy's Guide to Getting Your Hippy Glow On!


Don't worry, this isn't about to turn into a lecture on eating healthy, getting lots of sleep and practising Yoga daily.  We believe all these things are totally great for your skin, but we'll stick with our area of expertise!



This is something we suggest doing at least daily!  Old oil and dirt can clog up your pores otherwise, and this can sometimes cause spots!  We've kept the cleansing routine as simple as possible - all you'll need is some water and a few squirts of our Rice & Fresh Face Wash for the Body.  It's full of gentle, natural cleansers so great to wash your mini hippies with, and the addition of Raw Rice Bran to the mix means your skin will be left super silky too!


If you prefer washing with a bar of soap, our Hooray for Hemp - Hemp Seed Oil & Green Clay Body Bar uses natural oils and green clay to help draw out the yukkies from your skin.   And the smell? "Hempenly", "Hippylicious" & "Zen" are some of the words our Hippy tribe use to describe it. Check out some of the other descriptions on the A bit Hippy Facebook Page! 



Moisturising is best straight out of the shower, bath or river* when your skin is still slightly damp. *Most cleansers these days are biodegradable and OK to use in water systems - but some are better than others.  A bit Hippy cleansers don't use anionic surfactants which are usually not as good.  In fact, the very best are Glucosides (which we use a lot) as they break down their natural components especially quickly.  If bathing in a river, please be kind and loving to mother nature!

We're all about moisturising at A bit Hippy, and we make a range of moisturisers to suit your needs. The formula is simple, when skin doesn't produce enough sebum it starts to become dry and itchy. So our moisturisers are mixed together with natural moisturising oils to top them up.  For every day, we suggest using our Soothing & Improving Moisturiser.  This can be used for face and body, and combines Starflower, Evening Primrose & Sweet Almond Oil, together with Aloe, Allantoin and lots of other yummy skin ingredients.

Your Guide To Glowing Hippy Skin - A bit Hippy Skin Care

Get Glowing!

Cleansing & Moisturising might be all you need to bring out your gorgeous hippy glow.  If you'd like to give your skin some extra love though - here are a few of our best Hippy Skin Tips.

Don't Act Your Age! - We're sure getting in touch with your inner child is fantastic for your skin, and your soul, but we're suggesting you get hold of some Don't Act Your Age - Anti-Ageing Moisturiser in this instance!  As well as our favourite moisturising oils, we've added Olive Squalane and some natural antioxidants. Olive Squalane mimics sebum (your skin's own oil), which slows down once we reach our mid 20's, so using this moisturiser will help you look as young as you feel!

Mix it Up  - Increase the vibration of your skin care routine by mixing in a couple of drops of Rosehip with Benefits or Tamanu Oil with your moisturiser. Rosehip is full of extra antioxidants and essential fatty acids to promote healthy, glowing skin.  Tamanu Oil is great for blemish prone skin and has been shown to help reduce redness and scarring as well!

Fake It! - Yes, we're proud to fake one thing - our tans!  The tanning ingredients used in most fake tanning creams are themselves lovely and natural - glucose based.  In our Tanned Not Toasted - Gradual Tanning Moisturiser we've mixed these ingredients together to create the perfect shade of hippy glow, then added them to a natural moisturising base. Use this every few days, or as needed to keep your skin fresh and glowing all the time! 

We hope you'll enjoy your hippy glow - we'd love to see how our tips and products works for you, so please feel free to tag us in your pics and feedback - IG @abithippy.

Now if you're looking for a way to keep your hair and scalp healthy and shiny, without silicone and other yukky chemicals...check out our Hippy Hair Care Range.