Game Your Hippy Glow

At A bit Hippy we make Natural, Vegan Skin Care with love ❤ 

Skin Care isn't rocket science - but there's definitely some science to the art of glowing, gorgeous skin.  The Tribe at Hippy HQ got together to share our best hippy skin care hacks - so we could share them with you. Here's our Top 5!

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle 

Your kitchen is a treasure trove of skin care hacks, use them to get your glow on, before sending them to the recycling bin or compost pile! Used Green Tea bags popped under the eyes will energise. Chamomile Tea Bags will help soothe inflamed pimples, just like the tea soothes your soul! Oh and for the Kombucha home brewers, use your SCOBY as a face mask!

Damp is Dandy

Like a sponge, your skin soaks up skin care better when it's already a little moist. Best time to apply is when your skin is warm and slightly damp. Jump out of your shower, bath or stream, gently pat your skin to remove most of the drips and then slather on your moisturiser. Our Pollutant Protecting Dew, applied after your shower, before your moisturiser will help your skin retain all that precious moisture even better, and it will apply more evenly too! 

Oil is Royal

Like attracts like. Oil attracts the oils, makeup and impurities on your skin, and binds together to dissolve them. Even if you've got oily skin, it's an effective way to cleanse. We love it because it's strong and gentle (just like meditation). Lots of people use Coconut or Olive Oil, but if you're looking for something designed for your skin, try our new Jojoba Purifying Oil.  We chose Jojoba as the base because it's known to soothe, moisturise and repair skin.


 Meditate More

Speaking of meditation - stress and not so healthy skin are related. So alleviating some stress in your life through meditation and yoga is perfect for anyone wanting to care for their skin from the inside as well.  Michelle from the LabMuffin Beauty Science Blog explains it in scientific yet simple terms.

The Priti Yogi

Softly Does It

Be kind and loving to your skin. It doesn't need to feel like it's been run through a dishwasher for it to be clean. Clean skin shouldn't 'squeak'!  Exfoliation is useful because it helps clear blackheads and sloughs off dead skin. But you don't need to remove 3 layers of skin for it to be effective! Our Flake Fairy, Gentle Micro Exfoliant uses plant-derived enzymes together with clays to help remove dead skin cells and draw out impurities.

A Bit Hippy - Fresh Face Musketeers

The A bit Hippy philosophy is simple. Natural ingredients are usually better for us and the environment. But choosing natural ingredients must be done by using solid evidence, not just hippy hype. That's why we are just A bit Hippy!