We were sooooo lucky to gain an awesome intern over the past two weeks at Hippy Headquarters! Meet Hippy babe Nicky. She hails from Radelaide, and is a future Media graduate from Adelaide University.  She's spent the last two weeks spreading her happy hippy vibes, along with her media skills around the office. Thanks girl! You were complete bliss to have around!

For a bit of fun, she's whipped up a blog post about her time with us! Enjoy ~ Angel xo

I arrived at the airport at 6am ready to catch my flight out of Adelaide to the Gold Coast, land of 300 days of sunshine a year.  Destination: A Bit Hippy Skincare!  I’d packed my best vegan shirts along with my laptop and notebooks ready to ace my internship responsibilities.  

 Week 1:

I got lost. Not the dreamy, delicious, wanderlust kind of lost, more like the ‘I have no idea where I am’ kind of lost.   An awkward conversation with a mechanic, and a few bus rides later I made it to A Bit Hippy to meet Angel, A Bit Hippy’s Marketing Manager who was excited to have me intern in the social media section. I was quickly introduced to the rest of the small, amazing A Bit Hippy tribe. As soon as I arrived I felt totally at home as everyone was kind, relaxed and hardworking and they were all very passionate about their work.

That first week consisted of thinking up ideas for a social media schedule, assisting the social media editor, photo shoot inspiration and concepts, collaborations with bloggers, working with clothing stores to use their products in photo shoots, using an online platform to easily source bloggers from around the world, writing blog posts and getting in touch with Naturopaths

I was also lucky enough to be given some A Bit Hippy product by Angel and have been using them every day. I can’t recommend their products enough (10 points for being a good intern – and as an intern you know I’m not being paid to say that!) In all seriousness they are so gentle on your skin, affordable and most importantly, cruelty free. My top 3 products from their range would have to be their ‘Rice and Fresh Face Wash for the Body’ , 'Tanned not Toasted Gradual Tanning Moisturiser' and their 'Nothing To Smell Here Natural Deodorant'. My body is thanking me for being chemical free and my soul is filled with compassion and kindness.

Week 2:

Nicky ~ back at A Bit Hippy

After spending a glorious weekend in Byron I arrived back at A Bit Hippy feeling sun kissed and salty.  The next day we had a photoshoot, so my task was creating a run sheet for the photo shoot, to make sure it would run smoothly.  I loved creating our mood board filled with inspiration for the shoot.  As Tuesday rolled around we were blessed with a beautiful warm day and road tripped our way to a secret beach in Burleigh with bags full clothing from local boutiques and a car filled with A Bit Hippy goodness. I was asked to model and give art direction for the shoot which was fabulous. We had a great time and got some awesome shots which will be used in our social media, website, YouTube and blogs.

The rest of this week has been challenging but fulfilling and I have really improved my communication and media skills and general workplace skills while interning with the A Bit Hippy tribe.  As I’m writing this it is my second to last day, I have had the most amazing time with a great bunch of people and with such an ethical and friendly vegan company. I thank everyone in the office and Angel for letting me hang out, I can’t wait to come back!


Happy Hippy Vibes,