A bit Hippy Pollutant Protecting Dew

Hold on to your mung beans tribe, we're about to throw down some gratitude! 

We live in a glorious part of the world. Northern NSW and the Gold Coast, Australia. Wherever we wander we encounter Sunshine, Sea, Fresh Air and Rainbows. Even when it rains it's pretty.

A bit Hippy Tribe

What's our point? 

If you are from the city and spent just a few days with us up here (or the idyllic, non-city environment of your choice) we know your skin would look and feel better. While we love to visit the city, we know that urban environments have lots of airborne particles from pollution outside, and inside the air conditioning and heating strip the air of moisture.

By world standards, Australia has very clean air but our cities can have days of quite high pollution levels made up of transport emissions, industrial processes, smoke and dust.

The pollution particles themselves are generally airborne and invisible to the naked eye however they do become trapped on the skin. That feeling fresh out of a shower after a day in the city grime is hard to beat. This grime caught on the skin results in a dehydrated and kinda dull complexion, loss of moisture and skin elasticity, pigmentation and age spots, as well as being a cause of various skin irritations. On top of these outdoor air pollutants, most urbanites spend their 9-5 indoors, blasted under those thirsty, thieving air conditioning units or heating devices, which also drastically effects hydration levels of our skin (is anyone feeling shrivelled up and dry at just this thought?)

The air pollution reality inspired us to develop a sophisticated hippy product that acts as a breathable second skin that blocks pollutants and binds moisture to the skin to prevent drying.  We’ve called it Pollutant Protecting Dew.

Pollutant Protecting Dew Uses

Popping this star into a handbag and using throughout the day will help to protect the skin and hydration levels and a healthy dewy glow. We’ve also been mindful to make it small enough to take on flights as it's perfect for hydrating and freshening up during air travel.

Images of Byron Bay from Instagram @byron.bay.nsw .