Natural Cream Deodorant ♀

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Set your armpits free and convert to a natural, vegan and aluminium free deodorant!

You wanna know what stinks? The fact that there are so many deodorants getting around containing Aluminium! With growing evidence to support converting to aluminium-free, we decided it was time to jump on board and think you should too!

Many natural deodorants receive a bad rap for being in-effective or difficult to apply, which is why we have taken a different approach. It took a lot of testing to get it right, but we're confident in saying we've come up with something pretty special! We combine Milk of Magnesia and Essential Oils to keep that odour-causing bacteria under control, as well as some food grade gums to hold it all together. The result? An easy to apply roll-on Deodorant, that keep your BO away and your friends close without blocking your sweat glands.

Our original Natural Cream Deodorant smells like flowers with a hint of lime but won't overpower you or your perfume as it become fairly neutral smelling once applied. If you're after something with more of an earthy citrus note, try our Special Edition Deodorant (psst. it's not just for men).

BE MINDFUL! After a lifetime of blockage fron anti-perspirants, it might take a fortnight or so for your armpits to completely detoxify and for our Aluminium-free deodorant to start working to its full potential. The first two weeks will be the most challenging, as you might experience a bit of BO. We encourage you to push through and simply apply more regularly and stay consistent so you can finally set your armpits FREE! 

As always, this product is all natural, vegan, Aussie and tested on hippys not animals!

Understanding Deodorant vs Antiperspirant.

Antiperspirants work via aluminium compounds which enter the sweat ducts and plug them closed to block perspiration. This means you end up with little aluminium plugs all throughout your underarm pores and very close to breast tissue. Sweat itself is odourless (believe it or not), so if you're noticing any BO, it's actually the result of a bacterial party in the armpits (imagine bacteria feasting on your sweat, and the  by-product of their meal being BO...eww!). Our formula allows for normal perspiration, but combines Magnesium and an effective Essential Oil blend to control bacteria. No need to block your bodys natural processes, when you can actually work on the root of the problem.

We highly recommend jumping onto Google Scholar and checking out the research behind using aluminium antiperspirants (yeah, we're A Bit Hippy but we always make sure to do our research).