Blemish Buster Trio

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Ban Those Blemishes With A Natural Solution!

Instead of taking over your entire skincare routine, we thought we would offer you the three key products to clear skin. Making your transition to blemish free skin a little more affordable in this bundle discount offer.

Gentle Micro Exfoliant

After cleansing your face, squeeze a puff of this miracle powder into your wet hands. Rub your hands together to form a paste and apply to your face in small circular motions. Leave it on for a little face mask time and let the BHAs do a bit more work, or simply wash it off once you’re done massaging it on. As both a natural chemical and physical exfoliation this powder exfoliant works double hard for you to clear the way to clear skin.

Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil was one the Pacific Island Peoples best kept secret, used for wound healing it will help clear up your blemishes and reduce any acne scarring.

Before moisturising, apply one pump of Tamanu Oil to your skin. Much like the coriander debate, some people love the natural smell of Tamanu and others done, so if you don’t love it you can leave this one to your night-time routine only and it will still help. If you’re a fan, use it morning & night! In the morning you can apply it after your moisturiser and mix it with your foundation for a dewy glow.

Blemish Banning Moisturiser

Whether you have oily skin or not, moisturising is essential to nourish your skin. Our Blemish Banning Moisturiser is a light weight cream with a natural ingredient called Allantoin, a skin protectant that helps reduce the signs of blemishes. While Aloe Vera will help soothe and calm the skin along with Japanese knotweed which helps to replenish tired skin. Use this consistently morning and night, everyday to start seeing a difference.

To understand a bit more on the science behind the active ingredients, find out more below.

Here are just a few of the key ingredients in this trio that are going to help your skin clear & glow!

Gentle Micro Exfoliant: BHA’s or Salicylic Acid are plant-derived exfoliating enzymes. They gently dissolve the glue-like substance that binds dead skin cells together, they’re an oil-loving molecule (which means they’re attracted to the oils inside your pores) and are often described as ‘tiny little pac-men’ as they munch away on all the dulling dead skin build up without needing to scrub.

Tamanu Oil: 100% oil pressed from the Tamanu Tree Nut. This plant-based oil has been a secret for centuries, used by the Pacific Island people for wound healing.

Blemish Banning Moisturiser: There are a lot of goodies in this one, but here are the top two;

  1. Allantoin occurs naturally in the roots and leaves of the comfrey plant and acts as a metabolic intermediate, meaning that its enzymes help protect your skin and reduce the signs of blemishes.
  2. Japanese Knotweed (referred to in the skincare industry sometimes as Resveratrol) provides the skin with the highest concentration of resveratrol which is the most active ingredient available for the body to help calm the skin, reduce redness and brighten tired complexions while working to inhibit blemish growth.