Cleanser for Sensitive Souls 500ml

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We’ve never quite understood why there’s a special cleanser for every part of the female body whilst blokes do with an all-over wash. Apparently washes for the face are gentler than those for the body. Our Cleanser for Sensitive Souls is as gentle as they come, so feel free to use it on your face, body, babies and blokes.

To achieve a gentle formula, we ditched Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS).  SLS is a harsh detergent that is pretty much used in every cleanser because of its foaming properties. Apart from creating great foam, SLS does nothing for your skin but to strip it from its natural oils.  We replaced SLS by combining several glucose-derived and coconut-derived cleansers. We found the ideal balance between cleansing without stripping. 

It comes to a bit of math and ingredient. To create a gentle formula, we decided to divide the ‘cleansing ingredients’ into 4. Having 25% of different cleansing ingredients instead of 100% of just one, creates a mild formula. In addition, we actually use ‘gentle’ cleansers which are coconut and glucose derived.