Gentle Micro Exfoliant

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Have you ever been blocked? We’re sure your pores have. Exfoliating is like clicking the RESET button on your skin. Buff away impurities day by day, and start every morning with a ‘fresh canvas’, letting go of all the negative, dulling dead skin cells that are prevent your glow!  

Gentle Micro Exfoliant is a very fine powder designed for daily exfoliation on all skin types (including the very sensitive). We’ve combined some super charged plant-based ingredients to create a gentle, but effective formula. We started with Marshmallow root for its soothing properties, added some clay to draw out impurities and mop up excess oils, rice bran for the gentle physical exfoliating capabilities and BHA for its magical super powers of gentle exfoliation.  To finish it off, a touch of essential oils to nourish the skin and freshen up the smell. 

A Bit Hippy aye… what’s a BHA?

BHA’s or Salicylic Acid are plant-derived exfoliating enzymes. They gently dissolve the glue-like substance that binds dead skin cells together, they’re an oil-loving molecule (which means they’re attracted to the oils inside your pores) and are often described as ‘tiny little pac-men’ as they munch away on all the dulling dead skin build up.