Mist Toner

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Tone, protect & hydrate with this natural face mist!

Protect your skin from pollution, the drying effects of air conditioning and heat damage. All of these can be the cause of your skin concerns. Just a few sprays and our Misting Toner will create a protective layer that will act as a second skin. Its main task is to prep your skin by gently hydrating it before you apply the heavier stuff: like moisturiser, makeup and sunscreen. 

It's hard to believe how a simple inclusion to your skincare routine can have such a positive overall effect.  Apply it every morning as the base layer of your skincare routine, this face mist will ensure that only the absolute necissary ingredients your skin needs that day are absorbed, and you'll notice how your make-up will apply better, even reducing the amount you'll need. Spray it again after a long day in an air-conditioned office and after being exposed to the sun on your weekend walks. 

We’ve used a plant moisture binding skin protectant (BIOSACCHARIDE GUM) that acts as a breathable second skin, which retains moisture and protects against environmental pollutants. 

Another great benefit of our Toner is that its gentle mist hydration preps your skin to make the most out of your precious moisturisers, makeup and sunscreen; enabling your skin to only absorb what's necessary.  Think of your skin as a sponge, if the sponge is dry it will just keep absorbing and absorbing. But it the sponge is damp, then it will just absorb the necessary.