Dry Shampoo

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The Hippiest product EVER!

Dry Shampoo basically works by absorbing excess moisture, oils, debris, odour from your hair and scalp, leaving a freshened look without having to wash your hair.

Our Dry Shampoo stands out from the crowd as we’ve taken care of the fine details:

Environmentally Friendly

it’s not an aerosol, as most dry shampoos are. This means we don’t harm the ozone layer or breathe the chemicals whilst spraying the product.

Scalp Friendly

Our formula won’t dry out your scalp because we’ve carefully picked every ingredient to makes sure it’s gentle on the scalp. Plus, we’ve added Piroctone Olamine to keep a healthy scalp microflora.

Only Healthy Ingredients

Most powder-based dry shampoos will use Talc as the main oil-absorbing ingredient. We’ve combined Cornflour, fine Kaolin and Bentonite Clay, and Tapioca Starch to do the same task. Always following our principles that a combination of ingredients is often less irritating that one ingredient in higher concentration.

Great for Thin Hair

Dry Shampoo will immediately add texture and volume to the hair.