Radiation Reflector-Vegan Natural Sunscreen (AustL 260649)

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STOCK UPDATE: everyone loved our sunscreen this Summer... so much that we won't have stock until September 2021. Sorry for any inconvinience, our customer service team will happily recommend you a similar alternative so you can stay protected until we're back in stock - simply drop us a line for a suggestion at myguru@abithippy.com.au.

A Natural Sunscreen, Naturally...

We all love some sunshine but we know that too much sun isn’t good for anyone, unless you want to end up with skin like our Guru (he says he's only 104 but we think he looks more like 144!). We've created a Clear Zinc-Oxide based sunscreen so your skin stays healthy and as young looking as possible.

Our sunscreen is naturally UVA and UVB broad spectrum. We spent a long time on the formula because we wanted to make sure it was the least oily and greasy formulation possible using only ingredients that fitted in with our philosophy. 

Suitable for hippy bubs to rockin' grandmas.


Why Do We Use Zinc Oxide as Our Sunscreen Active?


Good question although we aren't allowed to answer it. In Australia, Sunscreens are a "therapeutic product "and there are strict guidelines as to what we cannot say under advertising guidelines. 

We would love to be able to give more information about our sunscreen that took years to get just right. But again there is very little we are allowed to say due to advertising guidelines concerning sunscreen. Remember though we are only an email away to answer any questions you have personally. Do your sunscreen research as we aren't allowed to provide the answers.

Do sunscreens need to show all their ingredients? Nope...yep its those regulations again that mean only the actives and preservatives are shown. But we show them anyway as we are proud to.  They are listed on the Ingredients tab.