Natural Cover Cream

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We are all for making life a little bit easier. Our Natural Cover Cream will become your number one time-saver.

We've gone silicone-free to ensure that there is nothing fake about our tinted cream or your selfies. We believe Silicone should only be used on bike chains, not your face!

We’ve stirred natural mineral foundation with blemish-fighting extracts such as Magnolia Bark and Fennel to keep your skin looking vibrant and clear. Our natural ingredients won't clog your pores either, so forget about breakouts. 

** Medium Shade available until stocks last **

Makeup is often used to cover up blemishes and even out skin tone. The problem is that makeup can worsen your skin by blocking pores, causing breakouts or drying out the skin, which can lead to premature ageing. You will then feel the need to use MORE makeup. And so it becomes a never-ending circle. 

We've broken the cycle and started fresh with a new way of making makeup! We've stirred natural mineral makeup within a base of moisturising oils known for their blemish fighting abilities (like Chaulmoogra Tree Seed Oil and Black Cummin Seed Oil.) We have also added blemish fighting extracts such as Magnolia Acuminata Bark Extract.

Then to keep our skin looking young for those makeup free selfies, we have added anti-ageing ingredients like Niacin (Vitamin B3), Wheat Amino acids (similar to the skin's natural moisturising factor) and Shea Butter.


But it might be what we have left OUT that is even more important. There is no silicone in our Natural Cover Creams. Silicone is often used to help makeup spread onto the skin smoothly but also coats the skin in an occlusive barrier preventing the skin from breathing and contributing to breakouts. We also left out the chemical preservatives. Hippies don't like these and neither does our skin.