Serene Scalp Shampoo

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Myth buster alert: Healthy hair is only achievable if you have a healthy scalp. A shampoo that doesn’t focus on scalp health, is not really caring for your hair.

Serene Scalp Shampoo gently, but effectively works to restore your scalp’s health. You’ll notice a difference just after 3 days of use. Say goodbye to an itchy, oily and dandruffy scalp, and say hello to healthy, shiny and vigorous hair.

Want to know more about what makes our shampoo different, keep reading The Science tab. 

So What Makes Our Shampoo Different?

1. We use a blend of 4 natural cleansers, each in small amounts. This is much more gentle on the scalp than one concentrated cleanser. Everything in moderation, right? Except yoga of course. 

2. We don’t use Silicones to condition the hair. Silicone tends to coat the scalp and hair so it feels 'conditioned' but can cause itchiness. Instead, we use Glycerin and a Guar Gum based conditioner to moisturise the scalp & hair. 

3. We stay natural and biodegradable. If you accidently swallow some while belting out Don't Dream it's Over while rinsing your hair, it's totally OK - the ingredients are safe and edible.