Tamanu Oil

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We bottled this Tamanu for you, to help clear your skin and clear your mind.

Pressed from the Tamanu Tree Nuts, this oil will help to heal your blemishes and reduce acne scarring, whilst being super gentle on your skin and keeping you ultra hydrated - because not all oils are the enemy and we don't want to irritate your skin when it's already a bit distressed with blemishes.

This 100% Tamanu Oil works best when applied to freshly cleansed skin, underneath your moisturiser. We like to use this one as part of our night-time routine underneath our Blemish Banning Moisturiser, but it can also be mixed in with your foundation in the morning for a dewy glow that will keep working on your skin.

Feel better in your own skin with Tamanu Oil!

This plant-based oil has been a secret for centuries, used by the Pacific Island people for wound healing.

Tamanu Oil is pressed from nuts from the Tamanu Tree and we like it best in it's purest form, unedited.