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The 3 Skin Types That Should Give Oil Cleansing a Go!

The 3 Skin Types That Should Give Oil Cleansing a Go!

You might be wondering, ‘why would I use oil to cleanse my face’, or you may be 100% up to date with the latest trend in facial cleansing, either way hear us out… your skin might just thank you for it later!

While we believe most people would benefit from oil cleansing (even if just used seasonally), there are three main skin types that could benefit greatly from switching to or adding in oil cleansing (read all the way to the bottom for the double cleansing method!)

If your skin is feeling dry or you’re breaking out, your current cleanser might be too harsh.

There are three main skin types that can really benefit from cleansing with oil. If your skin is feeling dry, you’re breaking out, or noticing more fine lines it could be for you!

Dry, Itchy, or Irritable Skin

If your skin is feeling tight, flaky, red, bumpy or rashie… these are all indicators that your skin is dry AF or reacting to a harsh ingredient.
Oil cleansing uses a combination of gentle plant-based oils to draw out impurities and cleanse while moisturising. Meaning your skin is going to love the added nourishment these carefully selected oils will provide.

Blemish Prone Skin

If you’ve got oily, blemish prone skin you’re likely saying something like ‘ahhh, more oil, are you crazy, no thanks!’ Oil cleansing is about balancing the oils on the face, because everyone needs oils to have healthy skin. If you have too little oil by stripping your skin with intense cleansers your skin starts to overproduce sebum and you can actually end up with oilier skin, more congestion and clogged pores.

Don’t be afraid to oil cleanse, cleansing oils are ‘hydrophilic’ which means they can be washed off and dissolved so there’s no build-up of heavy film left behind so your skin can still breathe and do its thing. Besides, oil dissolves oil!

Oil cleansing for blemish prone skin will help to break down the surface oils and pollutants that can cause further congestion while balancing the skin.

As someone with this skin type, you may not enjoy the experience of oil cleansing at first and wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into, but please persist for at least a few weeks before you decide it’s not for you. This gives your skin oil production time to adjust as well as time for blemishes to clear. If you’re really struggling with the after feel we suggest washing your face using a clean face cloth and slightly warm water (but don’t rub, scrub with your cloth!).

Dehydrated and Ageing Skin

As we age, a factor we really need to consider in the prevention and reduction of fine lines is hydration. While drinking plenty of water will help from the inside out, oil cleansing can help from the outside in.

In addition to a great moisturiser in your skincare routine, oil cleansing can help get down deeper and moisturise your skin while cleansing. This will help to hydrate your skin giving you a youthful plumping effect reducing the appearance of fine lines and helping to prevent any more of those dreaded age creases!

A bit Hippy Oil Cleanser

So, what’s so good about our oil cleanser? 

  •  A non-foaming, non-clogging, oil-based face cleanser for all skin types
  • Contains a combination of drawing oils to dissolve impurities and dirty oils deep in pores
  • Made with nourishing plant-derived oils to cleanse without stripping skin of its natural oils or harming the planet
  • Ideal for those with breakouts, dry or ageing skin or to remove makeup or sunscreen
  • Can be used for everyday washing, or as a weekly deep cleansing regime
  • Free from all synthetic preservatives like Phenoxyethanol or Parabens

How to use our oil cleanser

  • Massage 1 to 2 pumps of oil cleanser into dry skin
  • Add water and continue to massage, emulsifying the oils
  • Rinse your skin thoroughly.

Tips & Hacks:

  • The double cleanse: If you don’t enjoy the after feel or need an extra cleanse, cleanse with oil first then follow with our Cleanser for Sensitive Souls or Gentle Micro Exfoliant.
  • The face cloth: once you’ve completed step two above, instead of washing your oil cleanser off by splashing cool water everywhere. Try warming a face wash under slightly warm water. Place it on your face and enjoy the feeling them lightly press it over your face until the cleanser is removed (it depends on the fabric of your cloth, but we’d avoid wiping or rubbing the cloth as this may exfoliate your skin)
  • After cleansing: toner, moisturiser & your favourite serum/oil.

Oil is not the enemy when it comes to our skin!

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