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PRO Healthy Skin. ANTI Toxicity. IRRITATION-FREE Skincare.

Our Philosophy

At A bit Hippy, we strive to be as natural as possible while providing clean, non-toxic skincare solutions that are effective but won’t irritate. All of our products combine small amounts of various ingredients for the safest results. So whilst we strive to be non-conformists in the industry with what we promise in our products and our marketing (just like a 70’s hippy would protest against petroleum), we realise that at times there is no suitable 100% natural solution, that’s why we are ‘a bit’ hippy. Because balance and science is the key to the best clean skincare.

Aussie Aussie Aussie

We’re Australian Made & Owned. Manufacturing our products with local family businesses and sending you skincare from the sunny Gold Coast.

No harm to our animal friends, 100% cruelty-free.

We don’t test on animals or use anything derived from animals or animal by-products and we will never sell to a country that requires this type of testing either!

Plant-derived Ingredients

Vegan friendly ingredients derived from nature supporting our pledge to have cruelty-free products. Oh, and because plant oils, extracts and derived ingredients have to be better for you, and the planet they wash off into.


If an ingredient we use isn’t straight from a plant, it usually has some link to plants like biobased, a combination of synthetics and plants put together in a lab for effective, better skincare ingredients.

Non-Toxic & Clean.

All of our products are as natural as possible. Mostly straight from plants, extracted from plant derivatives, minerals from our earth or natural organic or chemical compounds or enzymes. Some ingredients are derived by scientific methods but they are still safe and good for you and our planet.

Beyond just our product ingredients we’re non-toxic in other ways too… We say a big no to airbrushing, super-models and steezy marketing taglines. You’ll see photos and videos of us, our friends, family and our customers. And, we won’t try to woo you with big scientific words, ‘cause we know you don’t have time for that.

Sensitive Skin Friendly

All of our formulations are designed with sensitivities in mind. Our ethos is a small amount of multiple things. This may make for a long ingredient list on the label, but we believe it’s the best way to avoid irritation as many people can find different things irritating when they’re in large doses. Some people can have allergies to specific ingredients, so we still recommend a patch test. 

Irritation-free or your money back.

We stand up for what we believe in. Backing up our sensitive skin friendly formulas, our customer service team will refund you if you have a reaction or an allergy to any of our products. Also, we aren’t going to make you feel awkward about it. We want to do good, so if we can learn from your experience something good can come out of it. So let us know what’s up!

Recyclable packaging

Our plastic tubes are made from sugarcane - a low carbon alternative.
The labels on our bottles are stone paper, made from ground stone.
Shipping boxes and packaging are all cardboard and brown paper which is easily recycled.
+ We’re working towards getting our sh*t together to do better because we know we need to continue to evolve and innovate in this space for the planet's future.

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