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PRO Rosehip • ANTI Mineral Oil

Rosehip with benefits! ‘Cause everyone could do with more antioxidants.

Rosehip is a commonly known essential fatty acid and antioxidant that improves the skin without harsh chemicals… and by improves we mean moisturises, promotes regeneration and improves flexibility (of your skin, not the yoga kind sorry). BUT, don’t just use it all on it’s lonesome! This boosted Rosehip comes with two added antioxidant benefits, Vitamin C and E. So, while you’re deeply hydrating your skin with Rosehip, you can balance your complexion with Vitamin C, and nourish and protect with Vitamin E.

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a bit about it

Hot Tip: Apply before make-up for a dewy ‘lewk’ and as an extra protection barrier.


Apply a drop or two and let it absorb into your skin. Depending on your skin goals will depend where this goes on in your routine… but we like to put it on top of our night cream before bed and on top of our face cream before makeup in the morning.


Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Fruit Oil, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Oil Soluble Vitamin C).


  • Rosehip, a natural antioxidant that improves skin regenerations, moisture and flexibility.
  • Vitamin C, a natural oil soluble type, to help balance your complexion and avoid dark spots.
  • Vitamin E, naturally nourishes and protects the skin


  • Mineral Oil is derived from petroleum, it creates a skin barrier which can clog pores and cause pimples.
  • Parabens and other harsh preservatives which can irritate your skin and some can disrupt hormones.
  • Penetration Enhancers - Propylene Glycol can damage your skin overtime

"I use this amazing oil everyday and it has made a huge difference to the look of my skin. I have tried a lot of other rose hip oils but this one is the best. "

— Ro

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