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PRO Healthy Skin. ANTI Toxicity. IRRITATION-FREE Skincare.

Jade Gua Sha

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PRO Circulation • ANTI Inflammation

The perfect tool for a facial massage at home!

While we like to keep it simple, we also do our best to ensure you have everything you need to achieve healthy, glowing skin you so greatly deserve.

Whether you're daydreaming over our Day Serum or can't get enough of our no-fuss Face Oil, your face routine wouldn't be complete with a gorgeous, green Jade Gua Sha. So, we decided to source our own, complete with the golden A bit Hippy logo! Made of Jade and shaped perfectly for a daily facial massage, adding a Gua Sha to your cart will unlock the (not so) secret formula to the ultimate skin routine.


Apply a facial oil, serum or cream first and while applying gentle pressure, use long and short strokes to move the Gua Sha along your face. We like to begin at the centre and sweep out in an upwards direction.

Using your Gua Sha once a week is more than enough, but once you find your rhythm up the frequency to 2-3 times a week for best results!


  • The practice of Gua Sha is based on an ancient healing practice to bring blood to the surface of the skin to promote healing.
  • Stimulate circulation to improve your skins complexion.
  • Decrease inflammation to promote skin health.


  • Useless skin tools that offer no real results.
  • Expensive Gua Shas that are priced out of your reach.
  • Invasive and painful skin treatments. Beauty should not equal pain!

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