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5 Things That Will Change <br>Your Mind About Toner

5 Things That Will Change
Your Mind About Toner

It’s a common misconception that toner is only for oily or blemish-prone teenage skin, or that you should only use toner after cleansing. The truth is, not all toners are created the same… the skincare industry can be confusing, there are so many long ingredient names that don’t make any sense unless you’re into science, hidden ingredients, marketing claims… no wonder there are misconceptions and it’s so difficult to actually educate yourself about skincare when you’ve got so much else in your life to focus on.

So, we’re here to take the confusion away with a simple explanation that will change your mind about toner.

Why you should use a mist toner.

Our Face Mist was designed to protect, prepare and hydrate your skin. Don’t think you need a hydrating toner? Think again! This mist is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive or blemish-prone. The fundamentals are that your skin needs a little hydration for your serums, moisturisers etc. to travel beyond just the surface to do their job, but also to balance out your skin instead of just letting it absorb everything you put on it. Adding toner to your routine you’ll notice less redness, more balance and make-up that sits better. Spritz throughout the day to protect from environmental factors like air conditioning (yes even over make-up). Oh, and did we mention, it's plant-based, vegan, cruelty free and Aussie made!

5 things that will change your mind about toner.

1. Protect

We’ve used a plant moisture binding skin protectant called Biosaccharide Gum, that acts as a breathable second skin, which retains moisture and protects against environmental pollutants.

2. Balance

Instead of using a toner with cleansing ingredients, get one that will prepare your skin for the other things you’re about to throw at it. A light mist of hydration combining aloe vera and rose water extract will help balance the skins moisture and ensure your skin only absorbs what is necessary for your skin rather than it just absorbing everything.

Think of it like a sponge, without applying a hydrating toner, it would simply soak up anything it encounters, but when it’s lightly hydrated it only absorbs what you need it to… ensuring a balance of your skin needs.

3. Increase the effectiveness of your moisturiser

This light hydration also helps the ingredients of your serum and moisturiser to penetrate the skin better, helping it travel through the top layers. So, your skin will be ready to receive and benefit from your creams and moisturisers in a way it wouldn’t be without toner.

4. Refresh & Protect throughout the day

Whether you’re outside or inside your skin is coming into contact with different dehydrating factors. A spritz of this mist toner will protect and hydrate throughout the day… it also feels pretty good too, particularly when that three-thirty-itis starts to kick in. This is why we say you should always keep your mist toner close!

5. Not all toners were created the same...

Sensitive skin beware, some toners can contain glycolic acid or other harsh ingredients to add another cleanse or exfoliating level to your routine, be careful of these if you have sensitive skin. Stick to a hydrating and protecting toner and leave the cleansing and exfoliating to your cleanser, exfoliant or night-time routine products.

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