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Your Guide To Powder Exfoliant

Your Guide To Powder Exfoliant

We all know that exfoliating is vital; it removes dead skin cells, polishes, refines pores and even helps out wrinkles. It creates a fresh canvas for moisturising (and make-up if you’re into that). But there are different types of exfoliants out there and a heap of guff giving different answers to how to use it in a routine and how often to do it… so here is a guide on using our Gentle Micro Exfoliant, a powder scrub that is plant-based, non-toxic and sensitive friendly for your clean beauty routine.

What’s in an Exfoliant.

It’s hard I know, but not all exfoliants are equal. Firstly, there are two ways to exfoliant, physically using particles or chemically using acids (yes these can be natural too). Then, this is where it gets tricky because there is an absolute truck load of different physical and chemical ingredient options. Some of which can have intense effects on your skin long term.

If, like us, you are concerned about breaking out or are easily irritated avoid anything harsh at all costs. We’re talking no nutshell scrubs that can destroy the dermal layers of your skin by micro-tearing and no glycolic acid which can cause instant redness and peeling.

Luckily with our Gentle Micro Exfoliant, you don’t have to choose between physical or chemical exfoliating, plus it’s so gentle you can even leave it on as a mask occasionally.

Physically we use Rice Bran, which is now in many trending Korean beauty products, because it’s so gentle, yet so effective. Our BHAs are plant-derived (naturally) salicylic acid (chemical exfoliant), an organic acid that gently dissolves dead skin cell glue (not real glue), so the Rice Bran can move them away, while bentonite clay will mop up excess oil and Marshmallow root will soothe. Ahhh, the harmony of nature working together to clear the way for healthy skin.

Who should use exfoliant?

Everyone! If you don’t exfoliate dead skin layers can build up on the skin’s surface which can cause textural issues, dull, bumpy or prematurely aged, clogged pores and even milia (little white dots under the skin) – eek!

Exfoliating with a clay-based product helps the cleansing process, drawing out impurities and balancing oils while removing dead skin cells. This helps you get that fresh faces, youthful glow, unclogs pores to support smooth skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines all because your moisturising lotions and potions can finally get through and be absorbed into your live skin, not the dead stuff.

But you don’t just have to be careful in choosing the right exfoliant for your skin, you also need to ensure that whatever you go with you don’t over exfoliate. With harsh exfoliants it’s way too easy to over exfoliate. But some people also exfoliate too much in their skincare routine because a lot of products just aren’t made for daily use… until you meet ours!

How to use the A Bit Hippy powder exfoliant.

Our products are all designed so that they can be used daily if needed, but it you find your skin doesn’t need a product every day, switch up your routine to what your personal skin needs are – because you are uniquely you!

Step 1:

After cleansing your face, wet your hands.

Step 2:

A big puff or a few little puffs of powder into the palm of your hand.

Step 3:

Rub your wet hands together to form a paste (this can be as thick of thin as you need).

Step 4:

Apply in small circular motions over your face.

Step 5:

Either leave on for up to 5 minutes or rinse off and pat dry.

Follow with your toning/moisturising routine.


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