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A Guide to Aluminium-Free, Natural Deodorant

A Guide to Aluminium-Free, Natural Deodorant

While we aren’t here to go on a deodor-rant, we will let you know that aluminium in the pits, is the pits and why you should swap over to a natural, roll-on deodorant. We get it, applying deodorant every morning is one of those mundane, ‘do it with your eyes closed’ kinda tasks. You do it and forget about it before you’ve even finished. But your pits deserve only the best, so join us and get rollin’ with a natural deodorant for sensitive skin!

Not all deodorants are antiperspirants, and that’s okay!

Antiperspirants are simply products that prevent your pits from sweating. While that sounds nice, there’s nothing nice about it! The most popular ingredient to prevent sweating is aluminium, uh huh, that shiny stuff on the roof of your home. And even though aluminium is the MVP in many scenarios, it clogs your sweet sweat glands which just ain’t cool.

On the other hand (or pit) a deodorant doesn’t stop the sweat but kills the bacteria that causes the not-so-nice odour we’re all keen to prevent. So, while we’re all racing to stop the sweat, there’s actually no need!

But how effective are natural and non-toxic deodorants?

Hey sceptical Sally, are you doubting our deo'?! We totally get it, change is scary! But this sweet swap doesn’t have to be. In short, natural and vegan deodorants are totally effective and efficient!

With Milk of Magnesia, Corn Starch and Witch Hazel as a base, our bicarb-free deodorants aim to control odour-causing bacteria without clogging your sweat glands. Milk of Magnesia is the superstar ingredient killing the bacteria while Corn Starch and Witch Hazel work to absorb moisture. But don’t get confused, our formula is not an antiperspirant!

Even though we’re all about anti-irritation, who doesn’t love a lil’ fresh scent? We added a low dose of Essential Oils for a delightful scent that won’t irritate or overpower your nose. Pick from Patchouli or Bergamot, or if you can’t decide, get both!

Expect a two-week grace period, your body is detoxing!

Your underarms’ pores have been clogged for quite some time! It’s going to take them a minute or two to detox the aluminium and all those other ingredients out of your body. You may notice a little more moisture under your arms, or even a lil’ body odour (nothing too crazy though) cause going natural is a process. So, we suggest liberally reapplying your new natural deodorant in those first two weeks until your body’s adjusted to its best and most natural self!

Why should I take your word for it?

You don’t need to! We’re not the only ones obsessed with our deodorants, check out these 5-star rave reviews.

Patricia ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - ''I've been using A Bit Hippy deodorant for many years now and I still love it! The Bergamot is by far my favourite scent, and I love the citrus undertones. I don't smell even if I do sweat, and the roll-on is easier to apply and better for my sensitive underarms than most of the solid sticks or pastes.''

Elouise ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - ''I decided to try this because my body seemed to get used to my usual natural deodorant and I wanted a bit of a reset. I absolutely love this deodorant. It dries well, prevents me from sweating throughout the day, and is effective (the longest I’ve tried is 24 hours which is amazing!)''

Asha ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - ''Been using it for a few years now and still love it. I can even go a day without using it and still smell fresh. I always have an extra one ready to go in case the local store doesn’t have it. I’d recommend everyone to give it a go.''


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