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Choosing the right moisturiser for you.

Choosing the right moisturiser for you.

"This will fix everything." - Me while applying my moisturiser.

While we like to keep things simple around here, the fact of the matter is that we have 5 different creams, moisturisers and lotions. They’re all gentle on sensitive skin, hydrating and made with natural ingredients, so whichever you choose, we know you’ll become obsessed. Saying that, you must be wondering which moisturiser is best for you, your skin and your zodiac sign. (Okay, that’s not covered here, but check out our blog ‘Shop by your zodiac’!)

We’ve decided it was time for a run-down on moisturisers, so you can decide which one is best for you and get back to other things like coordinating your next festival outfit or your hot girl European summer trip! (Don't forget your Mini Essentials Pack - ze cutest travelling companion.)

Choosing the right moisturiser for you...

Face Cream

A bit Hippy Face Cream and Face Oil standing together on a peach lifestyle background.

Swipe right if:

  • You're looking for the answer to anti-ageing. Remember, no moisturiser can turn back the clock, but this tube of goodness can sure slow it down.
  • You'd like some vitamin C to help hydrate and repair dark spots.
  • You just want some good, honest and reliable lovin' from nature.
  • Whatever your age, you want to maintain your youthful skin.

    Get familiar with our Face Cream.


    A bit Hippy - Lady squeezing tube of Moisturiser into hand

    Swipe right if:

    • You're on the search for a straight-up and simple cream (just how we like it.)
    • Your skin has a bit of a sensitive soul and you want/need something with soothing and gentle ingredients.
    • You're a little heavy-handed when it comes to moisturiser - this tube is a mammoth 200g. Talk about bang for your buck and it's perfect for the body & face.

    Maintain with our Moisturiser.

    Blemish Cream

    A bit Hippy - Hand holding a tube of Blemish Cream on a peach backgroundSwipe right if:

    • You're looking to banish Benzoyl Peroxide from your blemish routine.
    • Your skin is a little red or blemish-y and needs a little TLC (don't we all?!).

    Swipe left if:

    • Blemishes aren't your main skin concern. We think you're probably better suited for our Face Cream! (Yep, got your back).

    Ban those blemishes.

    Night Cream

    A bit Hippy - Girl in bed squeezing out a tube of Night CreamSwipe right if:

    • You're serious about your beauty sleep.
    • Multi-tasking is your thang. Repair, restore and catch up on some Z's at once!
    • You're ready to give Lactic Acid a go for better skin texture & a bright complexion.

    Swipe left if:

    • You're not serious about your skincare (Once you come 'round we'll be here to help like your full-time hype gang.)

    Hop into bed with our Night Cream.

    Soothing Lotion

    A bit Hippy - Hand throwing a tube of Soothing Lotion into the air on a peach background.Swipe right if:

    • You want to skip all the BS when it comes to remedies for skin problems.
    • You experience Eczema-prone skin.
    • Your skin is fussy, over-reacting or irritating you to the max.
    • You've just waxed, shaved or lasered and those pesky red bumps have made an appearance - this is a multi-tasking superstar lotion!

    Soothe your skin with our Soothing Lotion.

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