Check these 8 ingredients are NOT in your lip balm, right now!

Sometimes we buy little things without much thought, expecting that companies take care with what you're putting on your lips... because you end up ingesting a little even if you don't mean to. BUT, there are a number of ingredients that can be commonly found in lipsticks and lip balms that are not vegan, vegetarian or you just plain shouldn't put on that sensitive skin that is your lips!

Although, you could just go ahead and try ours... they're all natural, vegan and non-toxic... you can even eat them if you really want, but please save them for your chapped lips and make some bliss balls instead ;)

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Free Tinted Lip Balm

1. Beeswax.

Firstly let's just all agree, Beeswax is not Cruelty-Free. It has become an acceptable and widespread ingredient in so many natural and clean beauty products, especially lip balms. Beeswax is often used as a natural alternative to petroleum-based products, but bees need their own beeswax and they can be harmed or killed in the farming of Beeswax. Look for products that use Carnauba wax like our lip balm range. Carnauba wax is a plant based wax from a Brazilian Tree, it also has a slightly higher melting point and is hypoallergenic compared to Bees Wax. What's great about this alternative is that its skin conditioning, easily absorbed, odourless, and rich in nutrients. It also provides a wonderful gloss and lubricity to lip balms and in it's natural state is consider a non-toxic food additive. These trees need their wax too, so only 20% of the available wax is farmed from these trees to ensure the plant has enough wax to protect itself from moisture loss during dry season.

2. Lanolin.

Lanolin is a sebum typically extracted from sheared wool that is about to be processed into yarn or felt. Sheep need it to protect and deodorise their skin. While it may be natural ingredients that helps the skin barrier, it's not vegan and there are some reports of allergic reactions on open skin - so not great for eczema, scraps or healing skin. There are 'Lanolin alternatives' out there, so always read the label to check the full ingredient or how it's sourced some brands claim their Lanolin is sourced in a human cruelty-free way. Instead we used natural oils such as Almond Seed, Jojoba and coconut oil to hydrate, nourish and repair your lips.

3. Honey.

While some people debate whether or not honey is vegan, most people agree that the harvesting of honey can injure or kill bees. Bee numbers are declining globally due to a number of reasons and as our primary pollinators this has an impact on our ecosystem. Bees need their honey and wax!

4. Carmine.

Carmine is a coloured extract made from insects! We don't think we need to say much more here, but let's all be a little more informed... these insects are called cochineal, and are tiny little bugs that live on cacti in tropical climates. Some lip balms or lipsticks use this to create a colour or tint - eww! We use fruit extracts instead.

5. Salicylic Acid.

This ingredient might be great in your acne treatment, but your lips are a soft sensitive area - even if they feel a little hard and chapped right now... Salicylic acid will damage your lips, not make them better and if you're looking for a lip scrub, choose something less intense, or mix our cleanser for sensitive souls with your left-over coffee grounds.

6. Phenol, menthol and camphor.

These ingredients can soothe initially but long term they can irritate areas that are as sensitive as the lips, particularly if you have any broken skin there!

7. Fragrance.

If your lips are broken or damaged avoid fragrance at all costs. Also, always avoid unnatural fragrances as anything on your lips you'll ingest just a little.

8. Hyaluronic acid or Glycerin (maybe, but it depends...)

If it contains hyaluronic acid or glycerin - make sure it's balanced out with natural oils. If you have sensitive skin avoid these two or patch test as they could make you a little dry or irritated.

Here are some lip balms that will hydrate you, the all natural, vegan friendly way... one will event tint (plant-based) and another with protect with SPF 15 (naturally).