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A <em>bit</em> about our Hair Care Collection

A bit about our Hair Care Collection

Shiny hair and a healthy scalp? Yep, that's a thing!

Sick of scalp-stripping SLS and Sulphates? If you're serious about hair care, have we got the collection for you. You know we like to keep it simple around here, and the same goes for our hair care range.

A bit Hippy Hair Collection

We've got a Shampoo so good it'll have your friends going green with envy, a Conditioner that nourishes your strands instead of coating them in Silicone and a Dry Shampoo so revolutionary you'll find yourself doing a double take with every application. Boy, our heart rate is up! What about yours?

Keep reading to learn a bit about, what our hair range is about...

Shampoo | PRO Shine • ANTI Sulphate

A bit Hippy Shampoo

We use a combination of natural cleansers to give your hair a deep clean without irritating your scalp.

🌿 With Chlorella Extract, a natural source of B12 to help ease Dermatitis and Plaque Psoriasis.

🌿 Suitable for all hair types.

5 stars from Peta"The absolute best natural Shampoo. I’ve been using this Shampoo for around two years and it is by far the best I’ve found!''

Conditioner | PRO Jojoba • ANTI Silicone

A bit Hippy Conditioner

Skip the silicone and opt for our Jojoba Oil-based Conditioner to nourish your hair without the long-term damage that comes with traditional conditioners.

🌿 With Rapeseed Oil, one of the best natural conditioners and detanglers.

🌿 We added Panthenol, Vitamin B5 to give hair long-lasting moisture, and improve lustre and shine.

5 stars from Kirsten"Super nourishing! I love the creaminess & the smell is gorgeous."

Dry Shampoo | PRO Clay • ANTI Aerosol

A bit Hippy Dry Shampoo

This natural Dry Shampoo powder alternative uses a healthy blend of plant derived ingredients to absorb excess oils and refresh your hair in between washes.

🌿 Uses Australian Olive Clay and Bentonite Clay to absorb oils.

🌿 Gentle on the planet, aerosol-free and completely recyclable!

5 stars from Ava"Wow! I can't believe how amazing this is! Will definitely be buying again."


A bit Hippy Hair Collection

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