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Let the stars align: Shop by your Zodiac.

Let the stars align: Shop by your Zodiac.

Whether or not you're into horoscopes, there's no denying the similarities between an individual's personality and their Zodiac sign. Looking for something new to try? Follow the stars in the sky and you might just discover a new skincare favourite!

Aquarius | 20/01 - 18/02

Holy Grail: Face Oil

A bit Hippy - Aquarius

You're a creative, deep thinker and love to stand out of the crowd. Your day-to-day schedule can often be chaotic just like the abstract painting in your studio. So, you're in dire need of something that can keep your skin glowing while you get on with managing all the flying colours in your life.

Our Face Oil, will support you all day and night, allowing the true you to shine on through! Get going and shop now for gorgeously glowing skin!

Pisces | 19/02 - 20/03

Holy Grail: Moisturiser

A bit Hippy Pisces

You're a sensitive little soul and can sometimes get so caught up in your own world, you neglect the things in your life that need nurturing. Don't let your skin be the victim of this any longer!

Common commercial moisturisers can contain not-so-nice ingredients that can irritate the skin. We prefer to use natural, plant-based oils to keep skin soft, smooth and hydrated. It's skincare written in the stars, shop now!

Aries | 21/03 - 19/04

Holy Grail: Shampoo

A bit Hippy Aries

We don't need to tell you twice, you're a natural-born leader and have a fiercely competitive side. And we love that!

Although, you do struggle to find people and products to keep up with your ambition. Our Shampoo is the real deal, so you can rely on it to keep your hair in tip-top condition, without sugar-coating it in superficial Silicones and SLS. Shop Shampoo, the stars said so.

Taurus | 20/04 - 20/05

Holy Grail: Soothing Lotion

A bit Hippy Taurus

Your friends and family are so lucky to have you cheering them on. Saying that, you know you have a tendency to overreact and be a lil' stubborn.

When your skin follows suit and overreacts, reach for our Soothing Lotion. It's packed with Gotu Kola Herb, Evening Primrose, Chamomile and Aloe Vera to keep skin calm. It's not healthy to be tense all the time! Don't be stubborn now, start soothing soon.

Gemini | 21/05 - 20/06

Holy Grail: Powder Exfoliant

A bit Hippy Gemini

You're a wild one around your friends but always show up and listen when they need you most. Strangers may describe you as two-faced, but that's because they don't know the half of you.

To support you and your ever-changing vibe, partner with our Powder Exfoliant. Overwhelmed? Exfoliate the day away. Cool, calm and collected? Turn it into a face mask! Shop the Powder Exfoliant now, it's as versatile as you!

Cancer | 21/06 - 22/07

Holy Grail: Rescue Oil

A bit Hippy Cancer

You're the caregiver of the gang, everyone has a Cancer they can rely on! Although, your role as the tribes (unofficial) therapist can get a bit overwhelming.

When you’re not quite feeling your best, our Rescue Oil will be ready and raring to give you the pick me up you need. Massage this green glory oil into scars, blemishes or bites and watch all your problems fade away. Even Cancers can't pour from an empty cup, shop now!

Leo | 23/07 - 22/08

Holy Grail: Sunscreen SPF 40

A bit Hippy Leo

Leos are the kings of the (astronomical) jungle, firey, fierce and noble. While the Sun is the source of your energy, you're only human nonetheless. And even your skin is sensitive to (too much) sun!

While you bask in those summer rays and recharge, protect your skin (and prevent premature ageing) with our Sunscreen. This tube of protection is made with naturally derived Zinc-Oxide. No breakout fear here! Slide onto your sunlounger and slap on some sunscreen!

Virgo | 23/08 - 22/09

Holy Grail: Oil Cleanser

A bit Hippy Virgo

You’re a detail-orientated perfectionist and compromising is not in your vocabulary. Try out your twin flame, the Oil Cleanser. It will perform to your gold star standard and give you a deep clean time and time again. So you can get back to labelling ornate objects and ironing your PJs (we think it's endearing!).

This lil’ bottle of bliss will do more than just cleanse, it performs great as a makeup remover. That's right, it's an overachiever just like you. Shop now!

Libra | 23/09 - 22/10

Holy Grail: Natural Deodorant

A bit Hippy Libra

Symbolised by the scales, Libras long for balance, harmony and peace. As a result, they're often experts at Warrior II and we're super envious.

Aluminum-based deodorants build up and block sweat glands. What part of that sounds harmonious?! Leave the aluminium for building material and opt for our Bergamot Deodorant to restore balance back to your body. Stop scrolling, get rolling and shop now!

Scorpio | 23/10 - 21/11

Holy Grail: Dry Shampoo

A bit Hippy Scorpio

Nothing scares a Scorpio. Ambitious and daring, a Scorpio will never succumb to their fears. Although, this doesn't leave you with much time on your hands when you're busy striving towards your goals.

When you need a helping hand, holla out for our Dry Shampoo. It will have your back (and hair, and scalp) when you need it to most. No bad hair days and time-wasting wet washes here! Shop, shake and style your hair for days on end.

Sagittarius | 22/11 - 21/12

Holy Grail: Cleansing Body Bar

A bit Hippy Sagittarius

Sagittarians are socialites and thrive when they step out of their comfort zone. With all the crazy life experiences under their belt, they tend to dismiss ideas that do not align with their existing values.

Soap bars have had a bad wrap in the past. So, when developing ours we stripped it back and said sayonara to SLS to make a soapy (SLS-free, of course) and sensational alternative to liquid cleansers that come packaged in plastic. So, go on, try our Hemp & Olive Body Bar and you might just surprise yourself!

Capricorn | 22/12 - 19/01

Holy Grail: Face Mist

A bit Hippy Capricorn

Oh Capricorn, while the view is nice from the top, don't forget to take some time out for yourself on your way to success.

In the meantime, put your phone on airplane mode, relax your shoulders and spritz your face with our Face Mist. Sadly, this spritz is not the Aperol kind, but it has a similar effect. Spray throughout the day, it also doubles as a makeup setting spray. That's right it's almost as good as you at multi-tasking! Shop now!


Now that the stars have had their say... Trust the universe & shop the range!

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