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Skincare Series: A Trio To-Go

Skincare Series: A Trio To-Go

You guessed it, we're back with our monthly Skincare Series! This month, we'll be taking you through the skincare essentials to maintain that healthy, glowing skin of yours.

Whether work is wild, the kids (fur kids, that is) are even wilder or you're just busy being that girl living your best life, it's critical to take care of your skin no matter how busy you are. Now, we're not expecting you Gua Sha all your problems away with a 10-step routine, a simple 'wash & run' approach will give your skin all the love it needs to glow while you're on the go!

1. Wash: Cleanser

A bit Hippy To-Go Routine - Step 1: Cleanser

Now forgive us for being basic, but wash that cute face of yours! Morning and night. No exceptions.

With our Aloe Vera infused Cleanser, you can turn the chore of cleansing into a self-care ritual. We kinda think Aloe Vera has superpowers - it refreshes your face without clogging or irritating your skin.

We use a combination of plant-based cleansers to get the suds of your dreams, without the SLS nightmare.

2. Moisturise: Face Cream

A bit Hippy Routine To-Go - Step 2: Moisturise

Minimal effort and maximum results? We're not miracle workers, but we're pretty damn close! A pea-sized squeeze of our Face Cream will get your skin not just surviving, but glowing and thriving.

Think Aloe' to soothe and repair, Vitamin C & E to hydrate, nourish and brighten, as well as Vitamin B5 to support moisture retention, Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate and Japanese Knotweed to support healthy cell regeneration. It's a star-studded, skincare affair!

3. Protect: Sunscreen

A bit Hippy Routine To-Go - Step 3: Sunscreen

For you busy babes, we've skipped on exfoliation and delicious glory oils for the absolute essentials. In saying that, never skip on the SPF. You've seen it in all the blogs, TikToks and even the old school magazines. And they're right!

While SPF is important, be sure to use one with naturally derived ingredients to ensure it's suitable for sensitive skin and everyday use. We have just what you need, it's even written in the name!

A few final words...

We won't keep you busy babes around for too much longer, but simply slide these 3 steps into your jam-packed schedule for healthy, glowing skin that makes everyone think you've just stepped out of a spa sesh. Win!

If you wanna talk things out, or have a burning Q and our FAQs aren't cutting it, drop us a lineslide into our DM's or flick us an email - we're always here to help. 💚

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