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Skincare Series: Soothe your Sensitive Skin

Skincare Series: Soothe your Sensitive Skin

Okay babes, we're back with another Skincare Series and are giving away our secrets for those struggling with sensitive skin. It's time to strip back on excessive products and ingredients without stripping your skin of its own natural and luscious oils.

Eczema, Psoriasis, sensitivities to certain ingredients and even hormonal changes can leave you and your skin feeling a lil' less than the 11/10 you truly are. We know a thing or two (or ten) about soothing sensitive skin, but if there's one thing you take back to your bathroom today, it's to K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple, Stupid! Sugar, we mean sugar. 💘 Seeing as we're not one to keep our cards close to our chest, here's a lil' more on the ultimate skin-soothing routine for our sensitive sisters.

1. Wash: Cleanser

A bit Hippy Sensitive Skin Routine - Step 1: Cleanser

After C***d-19, we know you're quite the diligent hand-washer, but can the same be said when it comes to cleansing that cute face of yours?

Clear your complexion with a plant-based cleanser ideal for the face & body. We have exactly what you need and named it Cleanser. Lol, we really keep it simple around here!

We packed our Cleanser full of Aloe-Vera to moisturise and Allantoin to improve your skin texture and repair any scarring you may have endured from a flareup.

As Harry Styles would say, Simple, but effective!'

2. Moisturise: Face Cream

A bit Hippy Sensitive Skin Routine - Step Two: Face Cream

Just like Mother Nature, it's inevitable that you'll go through a few bouts of dryness, especially if problem skin is (involuntary) your thing. Daily hydration is a must to prevent unnecessary dry spells.

Every morning and night, apply a layer of our Face Cream for your skin to drink right up. Just like a Friday arvo with the girls and a Coconut Marg in hand!

We won't claim that this cream can solve the dilemmas that keep you up at night, but it is a lil' honest lovin' from nature that you and your skin totally deserve.

3. Treatment: Face Oil

A bit Hippy Face Oil

There's nothing you can't handle with a good Face Oil! Well, we still hate spiders and cry during the Titanic but our skin at least our skin is healthy and glowing... right?

Lock in your moisturiser by adding some Rosehip to the mix to moisturise, promote skin regeneration and improve flexibility (of your skin, not the Yoga kind.)

We couldn't let our rosey rosehip get lonely so we added some Vitamin C & E to balance and protect that cute complexion of yours.

One final thing...

If your skin's having a major moment, like your mood when Mercury is in retrograde, we have one final, backup holy grail to help the stars align. Our Soothing Lotion is formulated for irritated, dry and itchy skin and is totally suitable for the Eczema-prone babes.

Whether you're experiencing itchy, chafed, chapped, cracked or wind burnt skin, botanically derived ingredients can work wonders. Think Borage Oil to fight inflammation, Evening Primose for its skin nurturing properties and Chamomile (just like in tea) which is oh-so calming.

Simply apply this lotion to clean, dry skin and follow with our Face Cream or regular Moisturiser for an added layer of protection.

Okay, one more thing...

If you wanna talk things out, or have a burning Q and our FAQs aren't cutting it, drop us a lineslide into our DM's or flick us an email - we're always here to help. 💚

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