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Skincare Series: Ultimate Pamper Routine

Skincare Series: Ultimate Pamper Routine

Staying in this Saturday night? Feeling a little stressed and need some TLC? Follow the 5 steps in our ultimate pamper routine, the final regime in our Skincare Series and reap the rewards. Think clean, soft and glowing skin with a pep in your step to match. This is the perfect wind-down ritual to follow before topping up your diffuser with your fave wind-down blend and hopping into bed. Do this by yourself, with your skincare bestie or significant other – they’ll be truly grateful for the A bit Hippy introduction!

Just because this routine is the ‘ultimate pamper routine’ does not mean you have to save it for special occasions, run through these 5-steps every evening if you have the time! But if you’re a busy gal/guy working on the best version of yourself, every now and then will do just fine too. 💚

 1. Wash: Oil Cleanser

A bit Hippy Ultimate Pamper Routine Step One - Oil Cleanser

An Oil Cleanser is the underrated underdog of the cleansing family. It performs to a gold star standard and will give you a deep clean time and time again. Dirt, excess oil, makeup and sunscreen? Nothing is too tough for our Oil Cleanser.

We use Grapeseed, Castor, Jojoba and Rice Bran Oil to clear out and clean up your pores, but don’t stress! Your skin will be left with those good oils to leave it feeling hydrated and ready for the next step in your ultimate pamper routine…

2. Face Mask: Powder Exfoliant

A bit Hippy Ultimate Pamper Routine Step Two - Powder Exfoliant

If you’ve been a part of the A bit Hippy Tribe for a while now, you know that we follow the ‘less is more’ ethos, or more colloquially called, the 'zero b***s**t mantra'. While we could offer a Powder Exfoliant and a Face Mask separately, we know you’d rather spend that excess cash on a green juice… or margarita… you do you. So, for step two it’s time to join the masquerade with our Powder Exfoliant, now stay with us here…

Sprinkle a few pumps into the palm of your hand, a little more than usual, then add a drop of water, give it a quick mix and voila, you’ve got yourself a face mask! Simply apply to your face, avoiding those cute eyes of yours (we get lost in those eyes every damn time!) and why not begin a 5-minute guided meditation while the mask does its thing. The Rice Bran will gently buff dead skin cells while the Salicylic Acid will dissolve them away, so you’re left with a fresh base in preparation for the next two steps.

3. Moisturise: Night Cream

A bit Hippy Ultimate Pamper Routine Step Three - Night Cream

Nothing quite says pamper night like massaging in your fave moisturiser. We’re not going to into too much detail here but much like brushing your teeth, be sure to moisturise your face & body every day. You’ll be thanking yourself big time in years to come.

What makes ours so special? The superstar (and natural) ingredients! Red Algae for moisture retention, Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration, (our personal fave ingredient) and Marshmallow (not the kind that you toast over the fire) Root Extract to soften the skin and relieve inflammation. *Catches breath.* Yep, plants really can do all that!

4. Treatment: Face Oil

A bit Hippy Ultimate Pamper Routine Step Four - Face Oil

Now it’s time to get rosey with Rosehip. Our Face Oil is rich with Rosehip to moisturise, promote skin regeneration and improve flexibility (of your skin, not the Yoga kind). But that’s not all, we couldn’t let our rosey Rosehip get lonely, so we added some antioxidant benefits. While you’re deeply hydrating your skin with Rosehip, you can balance your complexion with Vitamin C, and nourish and protect with Vitamin E.

Turn it up a notch and massage the Face Oil into your skin with a gua sha, grab a rose quartz gua sha to support your heart energy or a jade one to rebalance your yin and yang energy if you’re feeling slightly out of sorts. Our Face Oil is truly a golden drop to worship throughout all the seasons, but don’t limit it to your cute face! Take it down to your neck and décolletage for some quick anti-ageing wins or add a drop or two to your body moisturiser for some deep hydration during those frosty winter months or when the sunburn (naughty! Where’s your sunscreen?!) is a little too spicy.

5. Soothe: Coconut & Lime Lip Balm

A bit Hippy Ultimate Pamper Routine Step Five - Coconut & Lime Lip Balm

Your lips need lurve too! Our Coconut & Lime Lip Balm SPF15 offers hydration and sun protection all in one. She’s a small but mighty multitasker, we love her and know you will too. You’re better than chapped lips, swipe this on and enjoy the sweet summery scent of coconut and lime, just like a pina colada!

A few final words…

Now that’s all from us, we hope to see you in the bathroom soon soaking up some TLC and reaping the rewards from our ultimate pamper routine. If you’re short of time for a 5-step routine or looking to target a specific skin concern, be sure to check out our blog ‘Level up your skincare: 5 routines for any skin concern.’ We’ve designed a different skin regime for a multitude of different concerns or skin goals!

If you wanna talk things out, or have a burning Q and our FAQs aren't cutting it, drop us a line, slide into our DM's or flick us an email - we're always here to help. 💚

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