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Level up your skincare: 5 routines for any skin concern.

Level up your skincare: 5 routines for any skin concern.

We once came across a quote that read;

"They looked at the most successful men and women in the world, and found that they had like 7-8 things in common. One of the things they all had in common was a routine. They are obsessed with their routine."

Okay fine, we saw it on TikTok, but they were definitely onto something.

While you probably have your morning routine finessed like an Olympic diving performance, it's time to level up your skincare routine from silver to gold medal status.

Not sure where to start? Just like the teacher's pets we are, we've come (slightly over-) prepared with 5 routines for whatever phase your skin is in. What are you waiting for? It's time to earn that gold medal with your skin regimen.

1. The fine art of anti-ageing.

A bit Hippy Anti-Ageing Routine

Wash: Oil Cleanser & Cleanser - Double cleansing is majorly underrated!
Moisturise: By day - Face Cream | By night - Night Cream
Treatment: Face Oil - With face-loving heros, Rosehip, Vitamin C & E.

 Ace the anti-ageing routine.

2. Ban those blemishes.

A bit Hippy Blemished Skin Routine

Wash: Oil Cleanser & Cleanser - Yep, double cleansing is majorly overrated!
Exfoliate: Powder Exfoliant - (Gently) buff those blemishes away!
Moisturise: Blemish Cream - A pea-size amount twice a day.
Treatment: Rescue Oil - Pacific islanders have been using oil from the Tamanu fruit in wound healing for centuries!

Buh-bye blemishes, learn more here.

 3. Sensitive skin? Keep it simple.

A bit Hippy Sensitive Skin Routine

Wash: Clean up your complexion with our Cleanser.
Moisturise: Face Cream by day and night.
Treatment: Face Oil - Rosehip with benefits! 'Cause everyone could do with more antioxidants.

K.I.S.S - Keep it simple, stupid!

4. Slept in? Again? You need some skincare to-go.

A bit Hippy Skincare Routine To-Go

Wash: Cleanser - First thing's first, never skip on cleansing no matter how time-poor you may be.
Moisturise: Face Cream - 'Cause the best wrinkle is the one you don't get!
Protect: Anti Skin Irritation SPF 40 Sunscreen - NEVER. Skip on sunscreen!

Go get some skincare to-go, learn more here.

5. Treat yo' self and step into some self care.

A bit Hippy Ultimate Pamper Skincare Routine

Wash: Draw out all the dirt and impurities on the surface of your skin with our Oil Cleanser.
Face Mask: Add a little water to our Powder Exfoliant to make a paste and apply with your fingers or mask brush for an instant and gentle face mask!
Moisturise: Nourish your face with the Night Cream.
Treatment: Get familiar with Face Oil.
Soothe: Pucker up with our Coconut and Lime Lip Balm SPF 15.

A few final words...

If you wanna talk things out, or have a burning Q and our FAQs aren't cutting it, drop us a lineslide into our DM's or flick us an email - we're always here to help. 💚

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  • Hi Betty, thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog. We are so pleased to hear you love your A bit Hippy Sunscreen. Unfortunately, the formula is so thick as it is made with Zinc Oxide, we suggest squeezing the product into your hands and warming it up in the palm of your hands for thirty seconds and your body heat will make the sunscreen easier to apply.

    A bit Hippy on
  • The sunscreen tube is so hard to press out the lotion as it’s harden!
    Has anyone complaints or letting you know about it !
    I when to the shop to try it n it’s the same things 🤔
    I lov it but not sure what to do !?

    Betty on
  • Hi Cherie,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog post. Do we have the pack for you! Try out our Sample Set, try a little bit of (almost) everything from our range for just $14.90! Please see link below:

    A bit Hippy on
  • Really sensitive mature skin . So sun damaged and scarred . I’m looking for trial size , do you have? I will rave everywhere if it works, I have tried nearly everything .

    Cherie Beauclaire on

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